A cloaked figure entered a small altar for praying to the Morndinsamman.  Their appearance was different; elven, human, and animal features mashed together to make Kromrak, the hybrid. The hunched, crouched figure had skin of blues and purples, with a hardened carapace covering much of their back and some of their arms and thighs.  Thin fins folded tightly to their shell, a strange kind of manta-like fin that retracted and folded.  

The small altar was well maintained, clean and orderly, though visited much less than the other greater shrines built by the Dwarves. This was meant for travelers, visitors, and seeking blessings and offering prayers in passing, while the greater shrine was for group services and seeking counsel with the clerics. Kromrak did not need counsel, but blessings, from the Morndinsamman. The dwarves had welcomed them into the Brotherhood with open arms and hearty laughs.  They had been alone before the Clan of the High Pass had rescued them from captivity in that lab.  The Clan was home, and the Brotherhood was good friends to the Clan.  The Brotherhood quickly became another family for Kromrak.  From none to two families filled their heart and made them very happy.  

This feeling of belonging made their decision very difficult.  Goldwood Spires had become a wonderful place to learn and Kromrak made many friends.  Bronislav, a gryphon duke, had a mind for war and tactics and Kromrak enjoyed their time together playing Edgewar and challenging each other to tactical games.  Kromrak had grown troubled recently as Rubock Caskcloak had insulted the Clan’s honour and had left the Clan exposed on a mission for the Brotherhood.  Clan members had been hurt, were still injured and at risk, due to Rubock’s negligence and disregard.  Bronislav, ever the war spirit, had counseled Kromrak, and it was decided that this could not stand.  Kromrak issued a challenge to Rubock, a duel to the death, for the honour of the Clan of the High Pass, for their family.  But they felt conflicted, and so now visited this altar for the Morndinsamman.  

“Moradin! I am not of the Dwarves, but consider them family.  I seek the blessings and forgiveness of you and yours as I go now to avenge my Clan! I seek the blessings of Clangeddin Silverbeard, Gorm Gulthyn, Haela Brightaxe, for I go to do battle with one of yours and I feel the righteous fury within.  I ask that you grant me the ability to avenge my family, against my second family.  

I ask forgiveness from Dugmaren Brightmantle and Marthammor Duin as this does not further the goals of the Brotherhood.  This is selfish, this I know, but still I must act.  I have already issued my challenge and I move for my fated destiny!  I apologize for not seeking permission, but my mind is decided and set!  I am prepared for my Final Embrace for my family, but it felt disrespectful to not make my prayer, my offering, and my apology.  On my last journey I found this tome, and I offer it willingly for Brightmantle and Duin in apology.  May it be a better book for your eyes to read.  I offer these arms captured in battle to those of war, Silverbeard, Gulthyn, and Brightaxe.  I offer my smithing tools to Moradin for hearing my words and for allowing me the time I have had.”

Kromrak straightened, and placed the tome, smithing supplies, and several weapons on the altar.  Atop the offering, he laid several gold pieces.  Kromrak knelt down and stared at the ground in meditation as they prepared to leave for the duel.

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