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Originally written November 8, 2011.

The following is sent to the capital cities of the Alliance. The Alliance Postal Service has full OOC permission to hand deliver this notice to any chosen Alliance character at the guild's personal discretion. The Alliance Town Criers likewise has full OOC permission to advertise this call-to-aid and event.


To the Alliance,

Heathglen has become temporary home to hundreds of human refugees from the wars in Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac Mountains and Silverpine Forest. Several orders and individuals have responded to the call-to-aid to shepard these refugees toward recovery.

The time has come to move many recovered men, women and children to new homes. Their settlements in the north have been destroyed, or are still overtaken with war. There is now a call-to-aid to assist in the relocating of these refugees to permanent homes in other human lands.

The leadership of the Hearthglen Relief Effort will receive the pledge of any leader, magistrate or land owner within a meeting in the Hearthglen Town Hall during the evening of this Wednesday the 9th.

Given the faction neutrality of Hearthglen, it is explicitedly written, irreversibly decided and made abudantly clear by this decree that only neutral or Alliance inquiries for relocation will be considered. In addition – Alliance, Horde or other, no requests for bodies, slaves or otherwise human servitude will be entertained and will result in immediate expulsion from Hearthglen grounds.

Those who pledge will need proof of land ownership, proof that said land can support a minimum of twenty-five adult refugees, official references of lawful taxation and human treatment, and the ability to provide safe transportation to said location. No currently contested territory in the Alliance-Horde war will be considered.

Send all inquires prior to Wednesday to the Hearthglen Town Hall. Permission is granted to send delegates in lieu of one's person, only on the condition that full credentials are provided, and the individuals they represent are contacted directly at a future date.

Arialynn Maewood
Templars of the Rose

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