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The following is a decree sent to individual Templars and posted within Westguard Keep and Templar outposts. The bottom edge of the decree is adorned with a golden wax seal with the Maltese cross emblem.


To the Rose,


The Dark Portal is teeming. The Iron Horde is endless. These are not the green-skinned orcs who overran Azeroth thirty years ago. Azeroth is under threat but its newest enemy will know its people’s wrath.


The Rose is no stranger to war. We have turned away endless tides of demons, undead, cultists, and culled Hellscream’s twisted Horde. We fought for peace and fleeting times for all to carve out lives of prosperity. However, peace is not permanent or sacred to all. There will always be those who seek to trounce us, to destroy what we’ve bleed to preserve. Such an enemy is here and the cry for war is upon us again.


Give them no quarter. Stem the Iron Tide and let not a single red-skin break through our lines. Waste no resources or ounce of blood. We do not have the luxury of taking prisoners until their first wave is broken. Fight for the Rose, for your people, for Azeroth. Let Iron be cleaved.


Rally at the Shattered Beachhead and may the sight of the golden cross strike fear into our enemy’s hearts.


For the Rose!


Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield
Justicar, Templars of the Rose



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