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Originally written July 25, 2011.

The following was written and distributed publicly. A separate copy is carried personally by Radighast Tull of the Conjurer's Court.


I write on the heels of a battle of words that has lasted since June, the stabbing of Baron Benjamin Monroe, kidnapping of Velhari Demare, siege of Fort Talon, and string of hearings from Stormwind magistrates. There are some believed dead during this war, others martyrs, more heroes and others villains.


One month ago, I sent a letter to Baron Benjamin Monroe regarding his order. I had received reports of its bloody deeds, along with words of violence spoken flippantly in Stormwind. Months ago, the Phantom Legion sent an ambassador seeking peace with the Templars of the Rose – I declined. From what I knew of the Bloody Baron, I did not wish to bless him with a road unmarred by obstacle, to do what he wished. But instead of an order regarded as a check and balance to the Legionnaire's bloodier methods, the Phantom Legion regarded the Templars of the Rose as an order of cowards, as no valued part of the wars that threaten Azeroth. They did not receive the message I intended.


I offered the Baron and the Phantom Legion the chance to prove its claim of the Templars. The second choice was to charge forward with renewed honor and strength, against enemies that the Phantom Legion and Templars shared. While there are Legionnaires who stepped forth and shone in that regard, its Baron descended further into vitriol and hate, as a mire bringing many with it.


On offering war to the Phantom Legion, I spoke truly and with full intent to match word with spell and sword. It was a violent option and will forever lay open to criticism or support, but it was a chosen language I knew the Phantom Legion would understand. The war never occurred. Aside from one duel, no sword between a Legionnaire and Templar clashed. We have suffered greatly, however, from a war of words.


The Templars have longsince diminished their role in this feud. Others have risen to carry the feud on their breath, or on their backs. This is most aptly demonstrated by the siege of Fort Talon, following the kidnapping of Velhari Demare. I see individuals and orders of no shared allegiance banding together against the Phantom Legion, their sudden appearance as ripples in a pond. Their actions began on their own accord, and will continue to do so without the Templars of the Rose. To the Rose, the road remained marred for the Phantom Legion, they are forever watched and hindered in their bloody tactics, and our role in this feud is done.


Let it be known that as it was on the night of the siege, those injured in this feud are offered full aid and recovery by the Templars of the Rose, by way of aid in Eastern Kingdoms, or transporation to Theramore. This offer is likewise extended to Legionnaires who wish to take it.


Let it be known that though my view of the Baron continues as a harsh one, I do not seek his death or further judgment. Put simply, the men and women who lead must always be cast in harsher judgment, including I. That is how we better lead.


Let it be known that for each Legionnaire, their word, deed and honor will be judged individually by the Templars, and separate from the more violent parts of the Phantom Legion.


Let it be known that the Templars intend to honor the verdict of the Marshals, despite repercussions, in hopes that other individuals and orders will do the same, and let the ripples end.


Let it be known that if the Templars remain declared as Belligerent Combatants in Legionnaire eyes, there is no sister document within the Templars declaring so for Legionnaires.


Let it be known that the Templars of the Rose will continue to withdraw from this feud, our role in it is done. To continue will invite more strife for Stormwind, which has become its unintended battleground instead of a separate field of mutual choosing.


Let it be known that for Stormwind streets being the battleground, that fault is shared in half as mine for letting it be so.


Let it be known that for the Templars of the Rose, this matter is done. The next step lies greatly with the Phantom Legion and their remaining adversaries.


Let it be done.


Arialynn Maewood
Templars of the Rose

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