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The following is posted within the Fort, Westgarde, and other active outposts of the Rose.


To the Templars of the Rose,


Tonight, the fires and menace of the Blackrock Foundry are extinguished. Its bellows stand silent and smoke stacks belch nothing. Tonight, the Black Watch rallies triumphant, breaking the steel-clad back of the Iron Horde.


The Watch’s battles have not been handed to us. It is with great sacrifice and strife that we claim such victories and hone ourselves for the next. We are tireless, we are endless. The Rose will not rest till its thorns mete out justice that is deserved by our enemies. The Iron Horde is a cancerous threat, one that spread to another world and time when we deigned to blink our eyes. Never again will we let such an enemy slip away and wreck havoc on innocents. The Iron Horde’s reign will crash down against the resolute steel of our shield and end of our sword.


Take this eve of victory to heart, Templars. Rally at Fort Rose and rest, for our true work has finally begun. Tanaan Jungle awaits and the Rose will arrive with white banners on grey ships. The Iron Horde will know our banner again and shudder.


For the Rose, for Azeroth, for Draenor.


For Theramore.


Light’s blessing to you. I will see each of you on the field.



Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield

Justicar, Templars of the Rose

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