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Originally written May 2, 2012.

To Our Allies and Enemies, Horde and Alliance:


I will not patronize and recount recent events. It is known that Theramore Isle came under attack four days ago, the identify of the assailants is likewise clear. The Rose was longtime ally to the Tears clan, but all ties are now sundered. That severance was by my choice and hand, and the reasons my own.


Some have claimed or assumed that Templars of the Rose has declared war on Tears of Draenor. Such assumptions are false. Templars is not in the habit of vengeance, nor will vengeance undo the loss of life, or retie the ties that have broken. What is done, is done. Intentions have spoken and actions are clear. Our time as allies has ended.


Templars of the Rose was built and trained to seize upon Azeroth's greatest monsters. Its home is Theramore. It was once an isle far more tempered, far less politicized in Alliance and Horde events. It was a haven for the neutral such as ourselves. We could retreat to where politics bore no sway, battles were far between and though close, the Horde and Alliance seemed far away.


Times have sharply changed. What has been a background haven is now the foreground for a fourth war. This was not an overnight shift. In truth, it began one year ago with the Shattering, when Theramore invited Alliance engine and soldier to occupy and stage war from its grounds. An attack, a rekindling of war at Theramore was inevitable, but the faction-less Templars remained and stood deaf to the sound of war drums.


Ask me or any Templar about our neutrality, and you shall receive no answer. I tire of spouted patriotism, politics, loyalties and other self-fashioned lines. Our place is Theramore, the isle and home that gave us shelter for many years. We will not abandon it or its endangered people in its dire hours, or suddenly pledge our allegiance to an order that invited war unto itself. We fight to maintain our home, and there is no further explanation needed for it.


To our allies and enemies: there are countless monsters on Azeroth, still. They are made each day. As war comes between the factions again, take heed of the monsters that exist, and the new monsters your wake creates.


When war comes between the Horde and Alliance, let it be between seasoned soldiers pitted against seasoned soldiers. Train your men and women for proper battle, sacrifice no life for the sake of strategic gain, and take neither life or death for granted.


When war comes between the Horde and Alliance, celebrate no death, whether it be enemy or hero. Death is infinite, but life is utterly finite. Celebrate life as it lasts and fight instead to cherish it, not end it then belatedly realize that life was once there.


When war comes between the Horde and Alliance, spare civilians and children who cannot lift a weapon. You are no more skilled or greater than your allies or enemies for killing the elderly, the weak, or child. Any claim to the contrary, no matter how brutishly or eloquently worded, declares you as a gutless fool.


When war comes between the Horde and Alliance, spare the individual and order who wants no part. Your war is not theirs, your wordy claims are not their voice, your blade is not wielded in their hands. Leave them, they are the ones who will carry the banner of Azeroth once your cries are spent and both factions bleed dry.


Wage war, but know that war fills Azeroth with more monsters. We have seen the end of days for the Scourge, cultists and Destroyer, but they are not the only monsters that plague Azeroth. The monsters are within ourselves. This war is us and us alone, there is no king of undead or Old God to blame. With ourselves alone, there will be more war crimes, more reason to hate, more blood, more death.


Cull the monsters. Fight with life and honor, not death and bloodlust in your eyes. Then you, not the monster, will survive. Your legacy will endure even in death, regardless of which faction you choose.


The Rose will place itself at this war's beginning, perhaps it will not live to see its end. But we will stand where our eyes will most clearly see Azeroth's newest monsters, and we will stand with our home.


For the Rose, for the Alliance, for the Horde. We will see whether Theramore, the newest bastion of peace or war, rises or falls.


Light's blessing to each who reads this decree. I will see you with an open hand or blade extended. I cannot tell you which it will be, that choice for now remains only yours.


Lightbearer Arialynn Maewood
Justicar, Templars of the Rose

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