�Saashenka is a petite thing. She is just very small. Wide hips though because Draenei, and p sure they�re just built that way because tail and space goat legs.�

�Hypolyta is just BIG. Errywhur. TIG OL BITTIES. WIDE HIPS. THUNDER THIGHS. Hour glass figure, but her waist is thicker because lol muscle, so it�s an hour glass but not exagerated. CAN CRUSH MAN SKULL LIKE SPARROW EGG.�

�Then there�s Chrissinne, with her spoon shape self. Itty bitty titty committee, Michelle Obama arms, J-Lo ass and Chun-Li Thighs.�

�Keigan. IDK. He�s probably like Sebastian Stan a la Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes. A trapezoid complete with �u tried� eyeliner game, a few more holes in his face, and maybe a touch less greasy. �he doesn�t even wear eyeliner.�

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