I’m starting to get really upset at Zen. I know he won’t admit to moving my plushie all over the place, but he keeps putting it under tables and on railings. Someone is going to mess it up and it’s SO cute. And it squeaks! The most adorable squeak! 


And today I find it in my pack! I don’t remember putting it in before I left to go to Karabor! What if I’d been attacked? Zen is so inconsiderate. Trying to tell me my adorable baby huggable plushie is evil. Too paranoid. 


Well, I’ll show him. I’ll start moving HIS stuff around. It’s so petty when we have HER to deal with and this assassin after Sage’s family. Well, at least everything is back where it should be. The plushie is right on—-


Hm. How did it get under the bed? It was on my pillows. Oh, I must’ve dropped it without realizing. I won’t let Zen get to me. I WON’T!

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