….okay. So…uhm. Either Zen is right or he’s being really mean. It…it…it showed up at Star’s house! I left it on Draenor. Is he following me? That must be it…he was here, too, last night. 


I could’ve sworn I heard it squeak by itself. IS HE IN THE HOUSE? OH NO, NO. He wouldn’t stalk me, would he? Is this…thing….is this cute thing….really evil? It can’t be.


Ciera says I’m panicking too much..she can’t sense any magic from it…and she’s a mage…sort of. Violet seems to love it and she’s a magic bird. It must be safe. It must….I just…I don’t know. 


My niece and nephew think it’s adorable. They want one. Maybe…I should just give it to them. Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll do that. MOVE IT NOW, ZEN. I DARE YOU!

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