Okay, so I left the…plushie at home on Azeroth, I thought, but I found it in the garrison. I must’ve packed it without thinking. That’s the only explanation. Or Zen has some…ridiculous contraption that creates elekk plushies to FOLLOW me. MAYBE HE DOES. Would he harass me that much? No…no…it’s…I just forgot packing it. Oh, fel, oh, fel, it’s staring at me. I’m going to take it back when I go to the harbor market….




Entry 6


It showed up here at the Harbor Market. Just popped up behind Kage on the dock. But Zen was there! And his daughter was saying it was going to show up! He must be behind it. I don’t know how…but I SHOWED HIM. I threw his cheap-imitation into the river. I did. And when I got home the plushie was on the table where I left it—no wait…I left it on the bed. Or wasn’t it downstairs this morning on the—what…the…fel is going on here???????! IS IT GOING TO EAT ME?!

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