The call goes out over the guild stone the moment word begins to spread that Azeroth’s state of tranquility has been interrupted once more. Alarms are raised across the world while an unknown force rips an unprecedent tear of reality across the skies of Northrend. Strange winged creatures descend upon the planet in overwhelming numbers, and to make matters worse, a new plague of undeath assaults the various capital cities and major settlements starting in the southern half of the Eastern Kingdoms.

The justicar’s instructions, while urgent, are still delivered with their familiar degree of calm finality. The message is clear; to evacuate from densely populated areas if there is a safe avenue with which to do so. The stronghold of Westguard stands ready to receive the scattered forces of the Templars, and is well equipped to repel any outside forces connected to this new threat.

As soon as her message has completed, Janderius’s voice cuts across the airwaves next, interrupting any reactionary chatter in a strong and well-projected cadence. His tone leans much more heavily on urgency, sounding a degree more strained in the aftermath of early defense efforts.

“All Templar mages are equipped to create portals directly to the teleportation anchors we have set up at Westguard! We’re getting secure extraction points set up in Sentinel Hill, Stormsong Valley, the Jade Forest, Arathi Highlands, the Exodar, and the Theramore Crater. Anyone who is unable to safely return to base through other means, speak up so that we can come get you!”

((Feel free to use this post to cover the in-character logistics of returning to Westguard from anywhere across the various worlds. The Templar Mage ride-share network is now live!))

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  • Sielic
    November 10, 2020 at 1:43 pm
    Good stuff, man. Way to be on it.

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