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“Be strong my brother and sister Illidari.  The Felbreaker comes today… the Godess shows me the arrival, our captivity shall soon end,” The female Kalidori voice echoed through walls of Valencia’s cell.  Or maybe the voice was just in her mind.  Val had long since lost the ability to remember what was real or what was in her mind anymore.  Either way the voice woke her and she glanced around her surroundings.  


Same cell…


Same four rusted felsteel walls…


Same rusted felsteel door…


Same felsteel shackles on her wrists and legs…


Valencia sighed and leaned against the wall in the same spot she always had.  How long has she been here?  Was she always here?  Was her life before this cell even real?  Did she only dream her life as a Priestess of Elune and then as a Demon hunter?  She’s been here for so long she doesn’t know anymore.  Perhaps nothing existed outside the cell.  Val has not see the outside of her cell for quite some time.  Not since she broke out the last Illidari prison, or the one before that.  Surely something must have been real outside of this cell.  They didn’t keep her chained in the last cell, she vaguely remembered that.  Therefore she must have broken out before.  Val reassured herself until another voice echoed through the metal walls.


“Art thou seeing visions again Silysa?  What mysteries have you seen today?”  This voice belonged to a male Sin’dorei, Thorn.  Assuming he’s real and not a product of Val’s fractured mind, deprived mind.


“Yes,” Silysa’s echoing voice came as a reply.


“Well then… whilst thou tellest us what thou hath seen?  Thou hath spoketh upon the ‘Felbreaker’ for many days past,”  Thorn inquired in his unusual vernacular.


“The first sign shall be darkness… the second will be metal… the final will be a question”  Silysa’s stated cryptically in reply.


“Hmm…. thou sounds so certain.  Valencia art thou still there?  Dost thou have any thoughts thy wishes to share?”  Thorn asked through the walls.


Valencia considered the question.  “I am still here, yes.”  She called out into the darkness hoping her voice would carry as it had before, assuming there really was anyone to hear it.  “I want Silysa to be correct… but I hold little hope.”


There was silence for a while, perhaps speaking aloud had broken her delusion of the voices.


Thorn finally replied.  “‘Hope’… it hath been ages since I thought of that word.  ‘Hope’… so strange.   I hath forgotten what ‘hope’ feels like.  Can thou describith it Valencia?”


Val couldn’t honestly remember what ‘Hope’ felt like either.  She merely used the term as for what she felt was a correct response.  “Truth to you Thorn.  I don’t remember what ‘Hope’ feels like either.”


“HE IS HERE!”  Silysa cried aloud.


Valencia waited for something to happen, perhaps feeling the faintest glimmer of the long lost thing called ‘hope’.  




Just the same old cell with the same old dull yellow light shining down upon her at all hours.


‘Boom’ The sound was so faint it didn’t even register to Valencia until the lights flickered and went out.  


    A few minutes earlier…


Fim sat at his desk and eyed the giant stack of documents left to go through.   He sighed boredly.  How long has been here?  How long has he been desk jockey Legion lacky?  In the very back of Fim’s mind was another name.  ‘Fimfink Darkbolt’ a gnome.  Someone that sold his very soul to save his city only to later watch his whole world burn…  Was that him?  Was Fim not always an imp?  He’s been here doing this for so long he couldn’t remember anymore.  Fim knew he hated the Legion.  He hated his job.  The sole distraction from the constant tedium of his data entry job at a Illidari prison was Lilith.  Lilith was a Succubus, dark hair, bright blue eyes, the kind of curves Fim would love to be a tangent to.  And even she as the sole visual distraction from the mind numbing boredom of Fim’s life had begun to grow familiar and dull.


“You’re staring again, Fim.”  Lilith commented as she filed her nails.


“Huh?  Oh sorry Lilith.  Just thinking.”  Fim pulled the next page of data to enter and got to work.


“About what?” The Succubus inquired, not really interested as her primary focus was her ongoing nail care.


“Well…”  He debated answering the question for a moment.  “In the past… Lilith were you… someone else before you were a succubus?”


Lilith stopped filing for a moment.  “What you mean like reincarnation?  I think I was a butterfly once.”


“No I mean… before joining the Legion.”


Lilith turned to look at Fim with a raised eyebrow.  “BEFORE the Legion?  I don’t understand Fim.”


Fim oped his mouth to reply then shut it just as a quickly.  “Um nevermind.  Just the idle thoughts of a bored imp.”


The lights and the computer monitor flickered suddenly and went out as the ground shook.  Fim’s immediate reaction was to swear “Kil’Jaeden’s three fiery balls!” He had JUST finished a page of data entry and the power went out just before he could click the save button.  His second reaction a moment later was “What in the name of Sargeras just happened?”  He looked around the now darker room, thanks to the light of the Nether filtering in through the bay window behind Fim’s desk it was still bright enough to see most of the office.


“The power went out.” Lilith showing every bit of the intellectual power of the succubi are known for managed to state the blindingly obvious.


“Yeah… but why?” Fim inquired.


“The ground shook, maybe we had an earthquake!”


Fim sighed, “Lilith we’re on a asteroid in the middle of the Twisting Nether, I don’t think it was an ‘earth’quake.”


“Oh you’re right… must have been an asteroid-quake.”


    Fim considered a reply to correct Lilith, but realized it just wasn’t worth the effort.  


    A sudden burst of static and a voice drew their attention to the portable radio in charger.  “Comms to Ops… Fim ya there?”  


    The imp fumbled for the device and hit the button to respond.  “Yeah um, Ops here.  Zapp what happened?”


    “We just had a freaking ship crash into our Comms relay.  Long range communications is out.  Power should be up shortly the crash overloaded the system.”


Fim peered out the window across the way to the Comms relay far off in the distance.  Smoke had already begun to billow up over the site, the distinct glows of red and green fire was visible, but the smoke obscured most of the site.  “How **** did someone manage to crash ship into us?”


“**** if I know.  There weren’t any deliveries expected today, right?”


Fim had to scratch the back of his head and think.  Normally he would just look it up in the computer but that wasn’t an option till the power came back.  “I don’t think so… I’ll check when the power comes back on.”


“Right, right.  Hmm apparently there are still a few survivors on board.  Some of the Fel Guards and Inquisitors are going to check it out.”


“Hopefully they can give us some answers.  I am NOT looking forward to the paper work on this one, hey um if the relay is gone.  How do we call for repairs?”


“There’s a ‘still alive signal’ that goes out each hour.  Once someone notices we’ve stop broadcasting it, HOPEFULLY someone will come out to check on us.  Last one went out… shit… two minutes ago.”


Fim scoffs in an annoyed manner.  “Well how’s that for timing?”


A few quiet minutes passed as Fim passed back and forth anxiously waiting for the power to come back on.  Lilith moved next to the window so she could have some light and finish filing her nails.  The back and forth grinding noise was beginning to get on Fim’s nerves.  Without the distractions of the offices usual equipment the filing noise stood out like nails on a chalk board.  Fim was about to open his mouth to say something when the radio crackled to life again.  


“Hey Fim?”


He fumbled for the radio then pressed the button to answer.  “Yeah Zapp?”


“The guard team just reported in… apparently the found a bunch of tied up and unconscious demons on the ship.”


Fim rolled his eyes and cast a glance at Lilith.  “Is that what happened?  Someone decided to have a little fun with the Succubi and they crashed the ship.  Boy I hope someone gets flayed for that screw up.”


Lilith rolled her eyes and did what the mortals call ‘flipping the bird’.


“Um no…” Zapp’s answer came hesitantly.  “There aren’t any on board.”


“Well, wait hold on… if the crew was tied up who was flying the ship then?”  Fim cast a glance out towards the Comm’s center across the way, just in time to see the mushroom cloud spring upward.  By sheer luck of his tiny form he managed to duck down below the window sill before the shockwave of the ship’s self destruct explosion hit the glass shattering it.  The little Imp had just barely escaped the carnage… Lilith was not so lucky.   What was left of her was a smear of demon blood and glass on the opposite wall.  The imp’s ears rang, deafening him to the world as he stumbled out from his hiding place.  He glanced around at the now wrecked office to see the mind bendingly massive winged figure glide in through the now broken window.


The massive eleven figure landed with a floor shaking thud and pulled his wings back.  He scanned the room and his Fel green eyes quickly landed upon Fim.


The little imp tried to run for the door, but he had no chance, before he made it three steps the massive figure Fel Rushed over to him and scooped him up in one massive crushing hand.  With Fim’s ears still ringing from the blast he couldn’t understand what the Illidari said, but reading his lips he caught a message along the lines of ‘be useful or be food’.  Fim nodded vehemently not knowing or caring what he was agreeing to.




It had been a while since the light had gone out in Valencia’s cell.  Not that she really needed it anyway, she was still trapped in the same cell like always.  The way Demon Hunters saw the world was very different from how others did, its what allowed them to see demons even when they wore mortal forms.  With enough practice an Illidari could see just as others did, but it was rare Valencia had need to.


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