People gossiped. They always gossiped about royalty but more so in recent days. Some thought it was shameful, some openly expressed disgust. Varian gave a shake of his head. It mattered not what the nobility and others though. He had finally found happiness in those lustrous golden locks. He smiled. There was a six year difference between himself and Arthas, and so many judged the relationship on that alone. As if none of the nobility had wives or husbands of vast age differences. This arrangement was not decided for him, though. He truly had feelings for Arthas. He wanted so much for the both of them.

It was later in the day when Arthas and Varian managed to sneak out into the commoner areas of the Kingdom. If any looked too closely, they would be caught out and gawked at. They both wore heavy cloaks, though, which were not uncommon at this time of year. The cloaks also served to disguise them well enough as to not be noticed. It took some searching, but they finally found a secluded area in the park.

�I am sorry I have not been more available to meet with you like this, Arty.� Varian sighed, a hand brushing his cloak back and running through his ponytail. His hair was tousled, fierce and uncontrolled save the small band that held some of his hair in a short ponytail. He looked upon Arthas� long hair and thought of wearing his hair down in a similar fashion.

Arthas merely smiled and laughed, �It is fine, Varian. I appreciate the moments we do get.� He sat close to Varian and put an arm around the man. �So much of the nobility frown upon what we have, but we can make this work. I have to go north soon, to meet up with Jaina Proudmoore and investigate some issues with failing crops and people overtaken by sickness�� He trailed off before he shook his head. �However, let us talk of more pleasant things.�

Varian nodded sombrely for a moment and then the smile returned to his face. �I wish that I could accompany you Arty, but I must continue to manage things here. I will send troops as soon as we can spare the men. Aid and supplies, as well. Lordaeron has ever sheltered the people of Stormwind, and we will do the same for you. As friends and more.� Varian grinned, leaning over to brush a few stray strands of hair from the face of Arthas.

And then, Arthas caressed Varian’s cleft chin, a gentle touch despite hands armored in chainmail. His index finger lingered ever so long before the two leaned into a long kiss. Golden locks of Arthas against the backdrop of wild brown hair. Passion encompassed them and the world around faded to black.

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