Putress arrived at Orgrimmar by zeppelin. He grimaced as he stepped off the loading ramp. Orgrimmar was so hot, so dry. It always made him self-aware of his decay and odour. He rummaged in his pack and produced a bottle of liquid. He had prepared for such an issue and masked his stench with the wondrous cologne that had been produced by his skilled hands. He oriented himself and headed for the inn. He had a� date to get to. He should never trust anyone about these blind dates, but his colleague assured him that this person he was meeting shared many interests, including a desire to overthrow the current power structure.

As he entered the inn, he found a small table. He sat down and pulled out a book with a green cover. He also set a red pouch on the table to match the information given to the blind date. He waited, ordering a drink from the bar which he received fairly quickly.

After a short time, a broad figure entered the inn. Heavily cloaked, the figure looked around a moment and then saw Putress� pouch. The figured thudded over to the table and ordered a drink. When it arrived, the figure pulled back his hood. It was an orc, Garrosh, who grinned over at Putress.

�I did not expect to see a Forsaken here,� Garrosh muttered quietly. �Though, for a Forsaken, you do look quite aesthetically pleasing and have a nice scent.� Garrosh produced a small vial from his pouch. �I was told you enjoyed alchemical curiosities so I procured this for you.�

Putress smiled, his jaw creaking. �Why, thank you. I did not expect a gift.� He felt the desire to blush, but did not have the blood to do so. �I appreciate the kindness.�

The pair drank for a time, they laughed and talked well into the night. Putress and Garrosh had a wonderful time. As they left the inn and paid their tab, they paused in the doorway. Putress shifted nervously, then leaned in and gave Garrosh a kiss. 

�I am hoping to hear from you soon, Garrosh.�

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