A worgen witch disaster.

Stormwind has been so nice. I was nervous about moving to the city. It really is so different from the wood. You can see dozens of new people every single day and never bump into them again! But I find that if you keep a schedule, you see a good number of the same people walking about and if you're lucky, some of them can be friends. It isn't an exaggeration when people say that city folk aren't as friendly, but there are still friendly people around if you look.


My shop is going better than expected. I really thought it wasn't going to last long, like this would be some kind of intermediary step. After all, why stay here? Stormwind was supposed to be rude. But isn't it funny? I feel like I'm at home, now. The silly country girl settling into the city. It's like a fairy tale.


The other Ida really helps. It's been hard to keep our little secret to ourselves and sometimes we've slipped up, but now we have a schedule that works for the both of us. The best part is that now neither of us have to work full time in the shop – it's part-time work, all the time! Isn't it funny? Now we're even more productive. The downside is how much we have to communicate, else we really come off as a little ditzy. It doesn't help that we both trip over things a lot and make fools of ourselves, but not remembering who is who must look really strange to someone who doesn't know… you don't want to be known as a klutz and a ditz!


But there is another downside, too. It's clear now that our power wasn't doubled, it was split in two. This make things hard when customers want complex spells or potions. Instead of conjuring them right on the spot, we need to arrange time alone so we can meet and get it done. This makes me think that it's time to reverse the mirror spell altogether, but is it fair? I'm not sure who is the double anymore and she's like a sister to me. Would it be like murder?


We're also worried about the wards. Since they're split in two, are they weaker, too? I think that the longer we stay, the riskier. But the life here is so wonderful and the friends we've made are so dear. Also, what else is there? Is it riskier just to leave? What will they think? Will they think bad of us?


She and I decided that a tutor might help. If we can find another magic user who can help us improve, maybe the split won't be so hard. They can't know, though. I don't know what they would say. The split can't be so bad, can it? We're not harming anyone.


She's home! I should stop writing. And Aady should be coming by, soon. Aady hasn't noticed yet but she's really keen, so we really have to keep up appearances. The hardest part? The extra laundry! We're always halving our laundry line or stuffing things in drawers. Who would have known?

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