The letter is penned in a fine script, though it is too precise to be hand written. Penned either by magic or machine is uncertain, but the ink is a deep purple that is almost black until the light hits it a certain way, and on a crisp parchment.

Mr. Reed Ingrams,

It has come to my attention that you are in the prospects of expanding your business, and could potentially use an extra hand. I know some one with a set of talents that you may find particularly useful. Please be forwarned that he is young, and quite inexperienced. However I feel that he will catch on very quickly, and would grow well under your guidance, as well as help you in your future endeavours. 

Please respond if you are interested, and we can schedule a meeting at yours, his, and my earliest convenience. Or, feel free to stop by my shop in Lion’s Arch whenever you’d like.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Isolde Blackstone

Enclosed is a business card for Iridium Feather, a tailoring shop in Lion’s arch, and the address. The name is familiar, frequented by many nobles and below in Divinity’s Reach and across Tyria. The author of the letter is also a familiar name, but hard to place… 

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  • jander
    May 30, 2019 at 1:04 pm
    The response comes less than an hour later, in a simple brown envelope with a wax seal bearing the Ripple Investigations logo. The ink is ordinary, the handwriting is passable, and it's written upon official branded stationary. "Mrs. Blackstone, Thank you for reaching out, it's good to know that word of my office's success and reputation has spread as far as Lion's Arch. I am indeed looking to expand the interests of the company, starting with additional employment opportunities. Tomorrow afternoon is open for me, if you and your acquaintance would like to stop by my office in the Western Commons. Once you've both arrived we can discuss opportunities and expectations in greater detail. I'm intrigued to meet him. Regards, Reed Ingrams"

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