Dearest Koryander,

May I beg a favor of you?

There’s a woman of my acquaintance who could benefit from your expertise. I–

Look, I don’t know why I started writing this like it was my normal correspondence. You’re no idiot noble I have to pretend manners at. The older sister of one of my dearest friends could use a mentor, if you’re up to having a student. I can promise you that she’s earnest, even if she’s a bit older than most who take up the martial professions. (She’s had training, but it’s all been informal.) 

She’s no interest in the art of the guardian or the revenant, or I’d take her on myself. I’m no warrior of the sort I think she wishes to be.

Feel free to tell me no! You’re just the first person I thought of. 

Fond Regards,

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