“Wolf’s teeth,” Tove snarled, as her last spare bowstring snapped. “Did water get into my satchel? What the hell is going on?” Thankfully it has just been a practice shot to test the tension, or things might have been a little more awkward. 

She tied her bow to her raptor’s saddlebags, taking out her sword and dagger instead. “This is stupid. Last thing I want to do is cuddle up to ice elementals and tickle their insides and yet, here we are.”

She swung up on the raptor and then promptly slid off the other side. She sat on the cold ground and stared at the frayed end of her girth. “I checked the leather this morning. I know i did. Did you nipple on it?”

Tove frowned at the raptor, who swung his head towards her to figure out what the ranger was complaining about this time. “What about you?” She pointed a finger accusingly at her wolf, who simply leaned over and licked it.

“You know what? I give up. I’m going back to camp.”

It’s just a coincidence.

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