((Wanted to bring back some stories from my old RP days in Guild Wars 2 from when it launched. Here is the backstory for my Norn.))

Airuska grew up like most Norn in a traditionally nomadic lifestyle, travelling in small band that was made up of her immediate and extended family. They lived throughout the Shiverpeaks, following the game where ever it went as they were primarily hunters. She herself learned from a young age to defend herself and hunt as the life of a Norn is often harsh. She was exceptional shot with a bow and her skill with a sword was well on its way. She would spend many years becoming a hunter just like her parents. Her parents were no one of note just traditional Norn.

She often felt bored with the life she had, looking for more. Her parents and herself were devout followers of wolf. Wolf taught her of loyalty and strength of a pack but also to seek out one’s own path in life. One day this led her to seek out guidance from wolf in order to find her own path. It was at this point wolf showed her a vision of her future, of her battling the minions of the elder dragons but the vision also showed something terrible. The vision gave her a glimpse of why she would become this great warrior, it showed her family being attacked and murdered by the minions of Jormag.

Unsure if she should believe the vision she just received she returned home to find that it was all true. Airuska still young at the time fell to her knees and was overcome with sadness but also with a fierce anger that would drive her to her destiny. She travelled to Hoelbrak and found herself training amongst the Wolfborn to become a defender of the city but this would only be the first step to her true goal. She trained for a few years in Hoelbrak and found herself to be well honored amongst her peers for her fighting ability. Many of the Wolfborn even felt she’d be better served out fighting with the Vigil that just a guard in Hoelbrak. After hearing this it was not long before she set off on her own to combat the dragon minions on all fronts but she would soon find herself in need of help.

She did in fact fight alongside the vigil for quite some time and added in the battle against Zhaitan where she could. She often felt like she was limited with the Vigil that she could be doing more elsewhere. She new in her heart that this was not the place where she would achieve her greatness that she saw in the vision and set off to find a new place she could be of use. She grew stronger and tougher from this journey and was on her way to becoming a great warrior nonetheless.

Unlike most Norn she had given up on the ideas of personal glory and fame, she knew that true honor came from protecting the people of Tyria from all threats, credit or no. This was also why she did not focus solely on Jormag, she knew that all the dragons must be defeated for anyone to be truly safe and at peace. She needed to find a place where she could achieve her goals of destroying the dragons, during the battles against Zhaitan she saw the strength that can come from a united Tyria and she put aside all prejudice against other races. It took all she had to let go of her Norn pride even now she still struggles with it. She would often struggle to accept Charr as they had once raided her homeland but this was something she would have to deal with. She would seek out help anywhere she could find it, from any people who would give it.

It was at this point she remembered the guidance of wolf and called upon him once again to guide her. Wolf showed her a new home, a new family. This new family would be brothers and sisters in arms with a goal similar to her own and would lead her on the path she was meant for in order to combat the evils of Tyria so no one else would have to bear the pain she did. Unlike most Norn she had given up on the ideas of personal glory and fame, she knew that true honor came from protecting the people of Tyria from all threats, credit or no. This was the destiny she saw from her vision this was where she could truly help this world.

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  • Ari
    February 4, 2018 at 5:58 pm
    Interesting. How would her fellow Norm perceive her nowadays, with her rejecting so many parts integral to their identity? Would she be shunned?

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