Tove sat quietly on the ground next to her bed. Her wolves had claimed the bed, since she wasn’t using it.

She should be–it was well past her usual bedtime–but, well. Instead she was sitting there on the ground, meditating.

She had a lot of thoughts and feelings to wrangle.

When Randulfr flopped himself over and whuffled loudly in her ear, Tove absently swatted him and sighed. “I think I’ve been a bit of an ass. Which is all rather embarrassing for someone who is supposed to be good with people, and you know, generally not a dick.” She kissed his nose and stared off into space for awhile, which Randulfr allowed her.

For a minute, that is. Then he licked her eyeball. “Right, right. An apology is in order. Let’s hopefully put this all behind us, where it belongs.”

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