Tove kept it together by focusing on the injured sylvari, even after his transfer to the infirmary. Ambrosine was better with the ‘detail work’, but Tove’s magic worked better with sylvari and…well.

She needed the distraction.

But no patient needed attention forever, and eventually she settled the last vine in place and found herself standing in the middle of the infirmary staring off at nothing.

“Tove?” Ambrosine glanced up from her desk. “I say this with love, but get the fuck out of here.”

Tove casually flipped her off, but drifted down the steps and…well, she didn’t go that far, honestly. She wedged herself into a corner to wait for Cap’s return, preferably in one piece. It was also a good time to peel off sections of her armor and tend to her own injuries, which as always waited until the very end. 

Bruises, cuts, minor burns. The usual assortment of damage as far as she was concerned. Rand had escaped uninjured, mostly by staying well away from all the vehicles, proving yet again that he was smarter than his Norn.

“All limbs intact today, so there’s that,” Tove said conversationally.

The wolf snorted.

“I know. The rest of our pack isn’t in the den yet, but I’m trying to not fuss.” She turned her mind towards fussing of a different sort, namely wondering if now was the time to retire the old man. Randulfr had been with her for most of her adult life, which was a good long time in the term of a wolf’s lifespan. Maybe a young wolf from one of his previous litters could fill their sire’s footprints? 

Rand aggressively shoved his head into her lap, followed shortly thereafter by a hundred some odd pounds of the rest of him “You are a complete ass,” Tove said, her voice muffled by fur. “Which begs the question, why do I surround myself with assholes? And love them so, so much?”

She let herself hug him for a moment, which Rand tolerated but not without sticking his tongue in her ear. 

“Augh,” she said, shoving him away. “COMPLETE ass. Come on. Let’s go find the other one. I’m going to swallow my own tongue if I just sit here finding things to worry about anymore.” And she had so much to do. Find Cap, see if there was more scouting they needed to do–what had he been saying on the radio? She’d been busy–and if not, turn up at the Drizzlewood campfires again.

Her boots scraped along the stairs, tired to her bones. Maybe she’d grab a pint from Nathan before she went.

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