Imke gathered them in the guild hall–as many as she knew ran with the Vanguard, and those she thought might be useful.

Ambrosine, haggard after a lengthy Priory mission and no sleep upon her return. Her wife Jess, standing beside her with a mug of coffee.

Rikvi, who was staring off into space…only actually she was watching Imke install lasers in the guild hall.

Pyri, who was watching Rikvi watch Imke with thinly veiled amusement, her axes resting by her feet.

Ingirdr, Jim’s wife, office manager for Ames Engineering and a mesmer when it pleased her to be so (which was often).

Chris Ames, Jess and Jim’s brother, a skilled mesmer even if young. Beside him was Iskander Dukas, former classmate, fellow mesmer, and boyfriend. Iskander still looked like he was about three feet in over his head.

And then there was Tove, who took in the group and then glanced at Ambrosine. The guardian nodded, and Tove stepped forward to address them all. “Alex, let me make sure I understand. You were able to get a feeling for the magic cast, correct? And there are two distinct…flavors, let’s say, so there are at least two mesmers we are dealing with?”

Alex took half a step closer to Chris. “Yes.”

“Okay. Do you think there are enough traces left for the others to get a handle on?”

He shook his head. “They were faint when I checked.”

“Okay. Do we have any…hmm.”

“I have recordings of the energy signatures,” Imke shouted down from her seat on a pillar. “They’ll probably only make sense to Chris, but I had Whatsit record them anyway. He can scan for them too, later.”

“Okay, then share those with Chris. And Imke, what the hell are you doing?”

“Installing security systems. Doan look at me like that. Nothin’ lethal, just detection methods. Are you tellin’ me no? You have no authority to tell me no. I bet Kory won’t tell me no.”

Tove rolled her eyes up towards the ceiling. “Fine. Anyway. We have a lot of territory to cover, since we only have a direction to go off of. Don’t look abashed, Alex. You had old magic to work with. You’re fine. I’m breaking you lot into teams, and we’ll coordinate with the rest of the Vanguard and head out. 

“Ambrosine, you’re on team sleep. No, don’t make that face at me. Jess, you’re on team make Ambrosine sleep. If we find Riathan in rough shape we’ll need you rested. Check in tomorrow and we’ll see where we’re at.

“Iskander, Rata Sum is a likely destination, so I want you there. You don’t have much field experience so I’m pairing you with Imke. Imke, while you’re there, try to track down Syrri and Dink. They might be able to help with the locals if you need it.

“Rikvi, I want you to do your scrying thing and see what you can find out. Chris, stick with her if she gets any leads. If not, I’ll mark a location on the map for you to investigate.

“Pyri, you’re with me. We’re taking the wolves out in the jungle, starting with the usual known range of mesmer portals. Ingri, you’re also with us, but tell your asshole husband to come, too.”

“How come you’re a party of four?” Imke dusted her armor off as she rejoined everyone in the ground.

“Because the jungle sucks and Ingri isn’t field seasoned. Don’t give me that look, cousin. Fending off pirates while on your mom’s dolyak farm isn’t the same as what you’ll see in the jungle, trust me.

“Okay. Everyone square? Let’s go.” 

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