((The group I was with was called Templars of Arkayne and we were artifact hunters. This was Airuska’s))

Airuska had spent much of her time fighting the dragon minions and other threats to Tyria. During this time she met many Kodan and learned much about the ways of Koda and the Balance. Although she had spent a lot of time trying to maintain the balance through fighting against all this destruction she was neglected the more peaceful side of Koda. Koda does not only prevent destruction but attempts to create harmony.

Airuska returned to the north and rejoined with the Kodan who had taught her most of what she knows about Koda. Many were glad to see her return but not just because of her interest in learning about Koda. The Kodan are constantly under attack in the north on all sides by Jormag’s minions and many of their recruits are not yet ready to take the place of the fallen. Upon her arrival the Kodan asked her to help train recruits as well as fight minions when she was able. Fighting the minions of Jormag comes natural to just about every Norn alive so she agreed to help them.

Between fighting and helping to protect the Kodan she found herself meditating and focusing on the Harmony aspects of Koda. She would realize that endless fighting could be the end of everything if people of Tyria could not ever learn to put their weapons back down after the Dragons were gone. A people who only knows war is difficult to teach peace. She began to realize that this dragon threat is dragging on too long and that all the children will see is people fighting and that is all they will know. But what can be done? The Dragons do not always appear when we are ready to defeat them. The world is on a dangerous path one that Airuska does not want to see happen.

During these contemplations Airuska also comes to the realization that she has become different from her own people. No longer looking for glory, or the death of a true warrior, she has begun to see a different path, one where she teaches people to remember life without war even when there is still much fighting left to be done. Most of her aggression that is common amongst her people has become focused against only those who would harm the balance and the world. She finds her mind often being clear and her thoughts collected.

She had often spent most her meditation hoping for a response from Koda, to see if she was on the right path. She would spend long hours focusing the way the Kodan do when they seek help from Koda. For many days she had heard nothing but one night was different. She found herself falling in to a deeper trance and before her a strange place was Koda or at least what she perceived Koda to look like. She looked on at him in awe and wonders why now he had chosen to show himself to her. He looked at her and spoke:

“What you have done has helped the creatures of this land, and although this is part of what I seek in balance, you must not neglect the world around you. Your people and all other peoples must share in the balance. You must return to the others you once fought with; continue your quest across all of this World. With my blade in your hand you will triumph. The consequences for failure are too great for you to not.”

Airuska would respond. “But how do I know where to focus, there are so many threats, where do I even start?”

Koda replies. “That is why you must never be alone in this task. You will know the way.”

“But…” He faded away before she could ask anymore.

Spending many months with the Kodan, Airuska had almost forgotten about all the rest of the people she had once fought alongside. However, Airuska had taught most of the Kodan what she could about fighting and she had learned what she can just from reading the texts of Koda. Airuska knew that all these teachings would be meaningless if she did not use what she learned while continuing to help all of Tyria just like she had taught the Kodan what she had learned fighting across Tyria. The words Koda spoke to her finally all came together for her and she knew what to do.

Unlike her last visit with the Kodan she did not isolate herself from the world instead was taking a rather active hand in trying to alleviate much of the dragon threat against the Kodan. She found herself more actively fighting than previously and has honed her skills against the minions of Jormag. She hopes to pass on everything she has learned to others in the hopes that Jormag can one day be removed entirely from the north and the land can begin to heal again, balance restored once more.

While in the north with the Kodan, Airuska learned a lot about using her sword the Roar of Koda. She practiced much with its abilities and is certain she can use them all with confidence now. She hopes that this also means her connection with Koda has strengthened. She has also learned that the origins of the blade are mostly myths told by the Kodan to their children. They say that the blade was sent by Koda himself to one of his great warriors in the past and only those who truly understand balance can use the sword to its full potential.

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    I enjoy entries like this, it helps me immerse myself in GW2 Lore through other characters' eyes. It's also good to see where Airuska previously tread and what she learned. :)

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