You don’t need to keep hurting. I’ve seen how it affects you, your life.

For a long time, I thought that bearing the pain was what made one strong. That suffering was the way towards progress. Towards fulfillment. Towards redemption.

It’s not.

Pain holds you back. It cripples you, beyond the physical.

It took me a long time to realize that suffering in silence, and hanging on to that suffering, only served to keep that wound open and bleeding.

I’ve told you what happened to me. You now how it haunted me, still haunts me. But at least now I’m learning to let go.

I cannot battle your inner demons for you, but the least I can do, is help heal your body. Heal it right, this time.

I felt it under my hand. I know how to fix it. Not only have I the means, but I have the expertise as well.

If you are willing, let me know, and I’ll come to you and explain what I have in mind.

You don’t need to keep on suffering. Nor do you deserve to.


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