“Rikvi!” Brigid exclaimed as soon as she opened the door to the work room. “Ceridwen! I thought you’d want to know about the weird stuff we saw today!”

Rikvi just turned and blinked owlishly. She didn’t even muster a hello, just…stared. Her various trains of thought  collided and left her brain a tangle of math and theory.

Ceridwen put aside her sketches and came up beside Brigid, wrapping an arm around the larger sylvari and clapping a hand over her mouth. “Brigid, love. Sssh. You’re excited and being too much again.”

Brigid hunched her shoulders and gently dislodged Cer’s hand. “Sorry. But we decided to check out some strange reports of undead activity, which I know you two are interested in, and I thought you’d like a report. We found _Awakened_, Cer.”

“Over in Elona? Well, of course-“

“No, here. In the swamp over in Gendarran, you know?”

Ceridwen froze. “That is…not the problem we were expecting? In fact that may be a whole different problem.” She looked at her mentor to confirm.

Rikvi’s thoughts, so carefully half-gathered, scattered again.”Shit,” the Norn said, sighing. 

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