Eury paused her rounds to sit outside of a nice little cafe that knew how to make a good cheesy meat. It was her favorite lunch.

No one was surprised when, five minutes after it was brought out, Cato appeared to steal a quarter of it and run off to rejoin his friends.

You know, that’s one aspect of…of this invitation to start a new warband that I hadn’t considered. What will I do with Cato?

This was his life–the life of a gladium as far as the Legions were concerned, and oft sneered at, but it was a good life. Cato was happy. Eury was happy.

Wasn’t she?

She picked at her food. It was true, she’d been thinking about rejoining the Lionguard. They wouldn’t say no, not to one of the veterans of the battle for Lion’s Arch. This little way of entertaining herself that she’d crafted, knowing a bit of everything about everyone, was fine….but.

But. There was still a need for her sword, and here it was, sitting mostly idle. Wasn’t that a waste, in this day and age?

But again: Cato. He would have been in a fahrar years ago, had his own mother not been an Arch native herself. Could they find some warband still forming up with cubs his own age? Would he even want that?

She would have to ask. Cato didn’t have to leave the Arch, even if the thought pained her slightly. But all of the charr in the Lionguard, and even somewhat in the city at large, kept a collective eye on the cubs. Ulpia would probably gladly take him over–she’d lost both of hers in the attack. And Cato enjoyed helping her around her shop, occasionally making little pouches from leather scraps.

At some point in her musing, she’d finished her food, so Eury nodded to the shopkeep and resumed her casual wandering.

…but why not just rejoin the Lionguard?

…was that enough? She’d quit in order to take the fight to Mordremoth. Could she really go back to protecting a trade route? Obviously they were important, but.

But. She walked through the refugee camp, nodding and talking and helping to fix the occasional listing tent. Eurydice tried to put her problem out of her mind–there was nothing to be done by stewing over it now.

From a fishmonger she bought…many pounds of salmon. Some of this she dropped off with a friend to have smoked, some she brought home to start testing a recipe.

She hadn’t grilled up some salmon in awhile and it had to be perfect.

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