Eurydice was relatively busy for someone who was “retired”.

After breakfast was eaten and her son, Cato, was unleashed upon Lion’s Arch*, Eury began her rounds. It was a habit that resembled her old Lionguard patrols, only she was mostly being social. The merchants knew her. The refugees came to know her, too, although this could take time.

Elonians are not instantly trusting of large, intimidating charr, go figure.

So she walked the city, and talked to everyone who wanted talking to, and at the end of the day sat at her favorite bar. People bought her drinks, or she bought them drinks, and people came to talk to her some more.

“I’m not sure how much space I should dedicate to silks in my next shipment.”

Eurydice sipped her beer, watching as Cato counted his haul of marbles at her feet. “You know, Samantha’s daughter just announced she’ll be getting married this year, and you know how she feels about colors. Elona has some good colorful fabrics, don’t you agree? And Asmund, he’s courting his mesmer lady pretty hard. Could be a lot of festivities coming up.” She paused. “But maybe bring back a bood bit of their study basic fabrics, too. The refugees are really starting to settle in. We’re finding them places to stay, and jobs…and they sure long for tastes of home.”


“I’m worried about the crowd that Arbann is running with these days.”

Eurydice pinned her ears back. “As you should be. He’s, what? Scared he doesn’t have any other options? Here. I can put in a word with the Lionguard for him., He’s good with a sword, I’ve seen it. Try to coax him over to thinking that’s a good idea, and I’ll make it happen.”


Eury bought Esja a drink, because she’d heard about the smuggler and the…unfortunate repairs to his pants he’d had to make.

“Momma, can we go? Are you done gossiping now?”

Eury gave the cub the gentlest of cuffs. “Hush, you. It’s not gossiping. It’s…advising.”

“Uh-huh,” Cato said, rolling out of her way and scooping his marbles up in the process. “I just want to get home and re-sort my marble collection.”

She ruffled his ears. “Fine, let’s go.”

*Lacking a fahrar, Cato mostly roams the city all day with a pack of other “feral” children. When he’s older and less annoying, Eury will teach him weapon skills. For now, he learns important things like: don’t dare Norn, and don’t antagonize crabs.

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    March 6, 2018 at 12:15 pm
    Don't dare norn: a very valuable lesson

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