Rikvi set a small stack of papers on Ceridwen’s desk. “Please check this calculation for me.”

The sylvari looked at the papers, then back to her mentor. “That’s one calculation? As in, a singular work?”

“Hence why I said ‘this calculation’ and not ‘these calculations’, yes.” Rikvi turned and walked away, leaving Cer to look at her task mournfully.


“I checked it twice. The math is correct.”

“Thank you,” the necromancer set the stack of papers aside and pulled out a Tome of Questionable Origin. Rikvi was pretty sure the cover was made out of…the hide of something that should not be used to bind books. Some of her fellows were gross. 

“Uh, so, what’re we doing today?”

“Opening a portal into the Underworld. There is a specific section of it that I believe is infested with a particular type of aatxe that is a variant of–“

“Oh, okay,” Ceridwen said, although this stemmed the tide of words not at all. Objectively, she realized that she should pay attention to her teacher, but honestly, the math had melted her brain and she was Done with the day.


“Uh. Was the portal meant to be this large?”


“Did you intend to have this many nightmares and shades coming out of it?”

“Also no.”

“I see.”

“I…have erred. I will go fetch some assistance. While we are a formidable pair, this is not an exercise I wish to undertake with the two of us at this time.”

“What should I do in the meantime? Just hide up here in this tree?”

“I suggest you follow the closing ritual I outlined and shut down the portal.”

“Can we trade tasks?”

Rikvi leveled her gaze at Ceridwen, and the sylvari couldn’t help but feel a bit frost-touched. It wasn’t that Rikvi was sending her a harsh look, oh no. It’s that the Norn had that glazed look she tended to get when mentally shifting through brief glimpses of foresight, and that was always mildly terrifying. It meant Things were Complicated. 

“…it is not recommended that we do so, no. Do not worry, my student. As long as you stay in this tree, you shall be fine.” Rikvi dropped down into the swamp and struck out, battering the occasional imp aside with her greatsword.

“So what, if I fall out I die? Great.” Cer snuggled herself against the truck and opened the notes to the correct page. At least Rikvi had very clear, precise handwriting.

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