((Continuing to post old stories. The time jumps messaged were originally to reflect time skips in my old GW2 guild.))

Airuska had always been faithful to the spirits, following their guidance at all times most specifically wolf who had guided her on her path on in life. She had never had any reason to question the spirits and that faith remains intact even to this day. But Airuska did often question the beliefs of her people to be entirely self-centered on their own greatness rather than helping the world as a whole. She found herself spending an increasing amount of time amongst the Kodan a spiritual people who followed the same spirits as the Norn but looked at it in a different way.

The Kodan see the world as a giant system that must remain in balance to survive. This balance must be maintained through destruction and re-growth. Destruction, however, can be still be prevented if it is part of self preservation as this is a natural process of life and is seen as part of the balance. The Kodan judge all races as a whole for their actions but will not deny individuals the chance to prove themselves protectors of the balance. Many Kodan believe the Norn to be the lost tribe of their people, whether Airuska believes this or not, this is not important to her. However what does matter is how the Kodan view Norn as spiritual failures. The Kodan see the Norn as out of balance because they only seek to help themselves. Airuska, however, has dedicated her life to helping the people of Tyria and has first hand seen what a united people can do against threats to Tyria.

Airuska find herself most at home in the Shiverpeaks and spends a great deal of time there. During this time she has gotten to know the Kodan very well and has started to learn what it means to follow Koda and the balance. Koda is the great creator of all life and the spirits of this world. The Kodan see the dragons as an imbalance to the world that must be removed and because all they do is destroy while creating nothing they serve no purpose. Airuska started to understand the purpose of this balance and why it was necessary. She spent time with many Kodan learning how every little action has an effected and is effected by the balance.

Airuska isolated herself from all others she knew for an extended period of time to better understand and connect with the spirits. She found herself become a true believer of Kodan. Airuska soon started to forget the Norn ideals of glory for oneself and began to think of helping the world as a whole to maintain balance. Over the next six months while she was away she would learn to accept all of Koda’s teaching and now she finds herself a friend amongst all the Kodan. Although Airuska still sees the wolf as her guiding spirit she also has come to listen to all the spirits in order to help on her new task of maintaining the balance.

Not only has she faced a vast spiritual change over the last six months but she has also changed in her demeanor. Airuska is calmer then before and would no longer speak ill of anyone unless they damaged the balance. She has also come to understand that certain actions that may seem strange to her at first may be necessary to maintain the balance. How this will affect her overall judgment of certain situations has yet to be seen and could change what is expected from her significantly.

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