“Name of the guild?”


Oh fuck.


The name. He didn’t think of a freaking name. Why was picking the name always the worst thing about starting something new?!

Fiel stammers. He has to find something.

The registrar lifts her gaze from the paperwork to stare expectantly at Fiel from above the rim of her glasses. “Name of the guild?” she repeats.

Quick. Something. 


Something grand?

No… this wasn’t for glory or any of that nonsense.

Something cute?

Come on. This was meant to be serious.

Something funny?

Same at the prior thought.

Something edgy?



When everything else fails, focus on what inspires you.


“… Raven. The Ravens.”




The registrar stares some more. Her eyes bore into his soul with the blank, emotionless expression that only someone who had sold their soul to the Administrative Gods decades prior and had since lost the ability to feel joy could have. She sets her pen down, flips a few pages on the large book set at her side, and lets her finger run down the long, long list of names inscribed inside.

“Unfortunately ‘Ravens’ is already taken,” she says flatly. “I would recommend adding a few additional words, like a color, or an adjective, to distinguish your guild from the rest.”


Ravens is already taken. Great.

A list of words crossed his mind, each more terrible than the last: grim, teal, dark, clawing, cawing, winged, Shiverpeak’s… he was even tempted to add numbers.

He mentioned them all out loud, and every time the registrar checked, and shook her head.


“Fine, then fuckin’… Fiel’s Ravens.

Nobody should have that one.


Fiel regretted that name almost as soon as it stumbled out of his mouth. And he regretted it even more when the registrar quickly filled the application and stamped it with the Initiative’s official seal. He didn’t even have time to object.

Such an egotistical name. It put him not only at the center, but also at the forefront of this venture. Now anything he would do would affect the reputation of the newborn guild. And inversely anything the guild would do might put a stain on his.

Fiel sighs. Too late. Besides, he’s just fresh out of ideas.


And it’s not like he had any genuinely noble ambitions for this guild. He just…


He was just tired.

I was tired of running after the remnants of dragons and wars and mist-borne nightmares. He just wanted to learn, and experiment, and create. He wanted to escort a few merchant caravans across Tyria and Elona and get paid for it. Then he wanted to create a couple more golems and read a book. He wanted to be tasked with clearing a couple catacombs or mines or abandoned temples for treasure and lore before crashing at an inn and drink a few ales.

He was tired of the weight of the world.

And he was tired of worrying about other people’s well-being.


And that’s why he only talked about this to the rare few people from the Vanguard for whom he didn’t really give a fuck about. Like Silice, and her caustic potions. Or Hafsaah, getting stir-crazy in the Hollow’s underground lake. Or Jannry.

Now that was someone he really didn’t give a fuck about. But she is good at what she does, and he knows he can’t do everything by himself.  And as soon as he’s done with the paperwork, he’ll return to them and invite them to tag long.


Of course Fiel mentioned his desire to leave to Riathan.

Through a note he left on his desk.

Right before leaving.



I am leaving the Vanguard. Not because I’m upset, or because of the pay. I just want to move on now. A few others may or may not join me. Not sure yet.

I’ve already taken everything I want to keep. The rest of my belongings still in at the Hollow I leave to you all. Feel free to use them, or trash them. I don’t care. It’s yours now.

— Fiel


P.S.  I removed the traps and glyphs on everything. It should be safe to handle. If I missed one… apologies in advance. Keep a cleric nearby just in case if you’re going to touch them.



“Here you go. You are now the proud owner of your own guild.” The registrar limply hands Fiel a folio containing all the official Guild Initiative documents pertaining to the brand-spanking-new guild with the stupid egotistical name. “Congratulation.”


Now he could give his heart a rest.

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