Sielic rummaged through several bags, removing various herbs and liquids.  He organized it on a nearby table that the void elf owned.  Incense, holy oil, holy water, mineral salts, and more began to pile onto the table.  He murmured quietly to himself, but spoke to the void elf regularly.

“I do not even know your name, so this is fairly amusing to me, but I think we can have this resolved.”  Sielic grinned.  “Most of this is not necessary, just precautionary.  I learned much of removing curses and magicks in the Alliance military, I worked in an anti-magic position more or less.  Reconnaissance sometimes, but largely assassinations.”  

The void elf sighed, but does not look worried and panicked.  They nodded as Sielic spoke, “My name is Talaeus.  I have not had much experience with these kinds of curses, and I just assumed it was part of my… affliction, you understand?”  The void elf paced around the room, back and forth, to and fro.  

Sielic nodded, “Understandable.  None of this should hurt.”  He started burning incense and muttered a brief incantation beneath his breath.  As he chanted, he drew a symbol on the void elf’s forehead and wafted the incense smoke over the void elf’s head and shoulders.  He repeated this action for several minutes.  “As it is broken, depending on the cause, we may see a reaction, but typically I do not see any reactions from breaking curses like this.  How do you feel?”

Talaeus remained quite still, “I feel much the same, I cannot tell if anything has changed.”  Talaeus began to sweat a little, and stifled a cough.  

Sielic continued the repetitive motions.  “Alright, I think we are getting somewhere.  Concentrate on yourself and banishing out any of the lingering darkness.”

Talaeus focused as directly, sweating a little more profusely.  The pair concentrated on their efforts, and slowly, the room filled with incense smoke.  Slowly, the face of Talaeus brightened, he looked stronger with each passing moment.  Suddenly, a crack audibly snapped into the room.  

A shadow formed, breaking from Talaeus.  Sielic immediately doused the shadow with holy oil and ignited the oil.  Flames sprang up immediately.  The shadow let out a howling noise as it writhed in holy flames.  Sielic watched intently as it burned into immobility and crumpled.  “That… is the end of that.”

Talaeus smiled widely, “Thank you very much.  Maybe I can now resume pursuing my goal of helping defend our world and move forward with assisting Azeroth.”

Sielic nodded, “Look into the Templars of the Rose.  Similar mission to that.  Could help you on that path.”

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