“Alright, this isn’t natural, even if you’re as stressed as you say you are.” Sielic frowned at the void elf, and paced in the small room.  They had arrived at their domicile and Sielic was talking through their dreams with them.  

“I have been dealing with these strange dreams and nightmares for a few weeks, so I am unsure where they might be coming from.”  The void elf sighed.  “I try very hard to keep to myself, and not cross others.  I am not important or a high value target.  I do not understand why I would be singled out.”

Sielic shrugged, “These things have a way of getting out of hand, breaking free of the constraints of the invoker.  They can spread beyond the initial target, they can miss, and they can act irregularly.  Have you been to any strange ruins, seen any strange magicians?  Fortune tellers, or soothsayers?  Those would be a likely direct source of such an affliction, but if it is out of hand, it could be far beyond their initial control to dispel.”

The void elf looked quite anxious, “So there is no solution?”

Sielic smiled, “Not quite that far gone, I’d wager.  If we cannot strike down the invoker, or if the invoker is too far removed, we can still cleanse yourself and remove the curse through cleansing, restorative ritual and magics.  It may revert back to the invoker, which would be ideal, but generally it is dispelled.”  He began gathering some materials from his bag.  “Here’s a list, see what you have on hand, and we can work on gathering the rest.”  A shopping list was offered to the void elf.  

Break The Curse

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