The void elf and Sielic left from the Asheton party, a quiet cobblestone path ahead of them.  The void elf abruptly began spilling his life story as Sielic escorted him home from the party.  The void elf had been having very troubling dreams, dark and creeping.  

“The dreamscape gets shrouded in all this darkness, and creeper vines erupt from the ground, with flaming pumpkin skulls flying in circles around me.  The skies turn a deep, roiling purple, and it feels like a storm, but it never rains.  The creeper vines chase after me, trying to snag my ankles and pull me down beneath the dirt.  The pumpkin skulls laugh at me, casting embers down around me.  Sometimes, the ember spark and enflame the creeper vines.  I run and run, and I can see wickermen on the edges of my vision.  They chase me from the sides.”

Sielic nods along, a furrowed brow.  “Is that always what happens? Do you have other dreams?”

The void elf shook their head, “I have other dreams, sometimes.  I have had other nightmares as well.  Large toothy maws opening in the ground beneath my feet, thorned tendrils bursting from trees to scratch and claw and whip at me.  The one before is just the most common.  Very frequent and worrisome.  I apologize for prattling on and just… dumping all of this on you.”

Sielic shook his head, “You are fine, you are fine.  Dreams can be very dangerous, after all.  It’s best to discuss these things and seek help as these dreams might be signs of something, or being caused by something.  Maybe it is just the season for bad dreams.  Tell me more about them, if you can.”

Ask About Their Dreams

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