The Asheton Hallow’s End party sprawled out in front of Sielic as he entered the building.  Masks, disguises, and costumery filled the house with revelers expressing glee as they reveled.  People were sharing foods and drinks, stories and jokes.  Sielic slowly slipped through the crowd, listening to the party-goers’ conversations, and exchanging small talk and pleasantries.  

He found a drink and a bite of food, crackers with meats and cheeses, and looked over the party.  He wondered why he made this choice, then remembered the drink.  In a corner, people took turns bobbing for apples, celebrating successes and laughing at failures.  One side of the room was covered in seeds and pumpkin scraps as a carving station had been hastily set up for the party.  Sielic walked over to the station and looked over the pumpkin carving.  

A man approached, wearing a ghoulish costume meant to look like one of the Forsaken. Sielic gave a grimace at the decision.

“Are you enjoying the party?” The ghoul asked as he took his mask off. An elf, purple tinged skin, touched by the Void.  “I have been learning much of these human traditions for Hallow’s End. Though, you do not look to be celebrating.”

Sielic gave a short laugh, “The party has food and drink, so it is acceptable if a little loud. Don’t worry, this is much better looking than my other costume.” Sielic finished the food on his plate, and set it on the carving table. “What are the elven traditions for Hallow’s End?”

The elf smiled. “Some elves have begun celebrating as the humans do, but that is about it. We have our own traditions and celebrations. Most elves just help the humans celebrate Hallow’s End and partake in the festivities.  I particularly have begun enjoying the burning of the wickermen that the Gilneans have started.”

Sielic nodded. The fires of the wickermen had become fairly common since the Gilneans had rejoined the Alliance, and the blazes were comforting.  “Is there a wickerman burning here?”

“Why, of course. It is outside, behind the house a ways. Shall I show you the way?”

Sielic held a hand out in an ‘after you’ gesture, and followed the elf to the wickerman.  They exchanged some polite small talk on the way.  When he arrived, Sielic rummaged around the grounds and found a small branch.  “You have to make an offering to the wickerman, if you wish to burn away a part of yourself, something you no longer wish to carry.” He did not look to the elf.  He stretched out and tucked the branch into the wickerman and set it aflame.  

The elf agreed, “Mhm, that is a good idea.” The elf mimicked Sielic’s actions and set their own stick ablaze in the flames.  “I was actually planning to head home and turn in for the night.  Would you mind sharing a walk in the open air?”  The elf gave a warm smile.

Sielic looked the elf over, unsure of the offer, but decided that it could not hurt to escort them home.  

Walk Them Home

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