Some weeks had passed since the discovery of the body of the Sin��_dorei. The guildstone had blown up about the discovery of Sage��_s daughter. The body massacred and unable to be revived due to the way bone had been carved and cut out from the middle of the body��_s arm.

Kanta and Anarial had ditched both the bone and axe that had been used to kill and cut the bone free of her arm. They had dropped both closer to the Horde encampments, cleaned up of both blood and any trace that Kanta or Anarial had anything to do with the slaughter of the young Blood Elf.

They waited sometime before deciding to take time off and return home to Moonglade, both being greeted in loving arms from Alecks and Alumni, Anarial��_s daughter and son-in-law having been keeping care and watch of them while the two were off on their missions for the Templars.

Alumni and Alecks were nearly full grown now. The twins just shy of adult years and showing more and more of their skills every day. The two shared a head of hair as green as Kanta��_s own. Alecks��_ was just as much of a mane as his father��_s, kept in a tight ponytail during his sparring trials. 

Alumni��_s hair however was more out of control than her father��_s ever had been. Her hair was entwined with flowers, twigs and vines that she had sprouted from her training. Just looking at her was the true definition of what most kaldorei druids would aspire to be, being so well trained at a young age. Something that both Anarial and Kanta took pride in to see her doing so well.

After dinner, tea, and many stories that Anarial and Kanta shared with their family it was time for rest. The two retired to their room which hadn��_t been touched in months. It was almost a blessing for the two to feel the comfort of their sheets and pillows once again.

Rest. Perhaps something that Kanta��_s wandering mind needed all this time, and for once not a single nightmare plagued his thoughts that night.

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