Character Name(s)/Server: Avette Cailen (Mateus)

Preferred Job/Class or Role: Generally a brute. (Dragoon for now, but exploring dancer and machinist)

In-character Information:

“You remember our deal?” Avette asked and shifted the canvas duffle on her shoulder. Her grin was too wide, giving away her excitement and seeming all too cheerful in spite of the menacing lance in her off hand.

“Yeah.” K’aldur spoke and paused to survey the points of her weapon. He did not give away any immediate fear of the lance or how she may use, but rather the damage it could cause to the ship. “You know, there’s plenty of space in the crew quarters. You don’t have to exile yourself to the cargo hold.”

“Personal space.” The viera responded, but she noted the sincerity and invitation in his tones. Kal had not made any indication that he had been against her deal when she first offered her help, and as far as she could tell, he still seemed genuine. “Nothing against you or your crew. I would rather have a space I can call my own rather than one shared with all the others. Even if it’s just crates marking out a few square falms, it’s still my space.” The idea of independence made the cargo hold the most attractive, and that quality of freedom had been enough to make her break the green word.

It had been a good long while since her exile into the wider world, and though she had left behind her home, curiosity for what lie over the next mountain pushed her forward. Stumbling upon K’aldur Tia and his ship gave her an easier means to find out.



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