i am sian’li. i lernd to rite from meggey in the masters howse. i no its not gud but now that i iskape i am goen to rite alotz to git beter. i iskaped by jumpen out of the shep. first i keeled the gard guy. he was rapen meggey and wasent payen atenshun to me, so i chokd him with my chaeenz and uzed hiz kiy to unlok the chaeenz and then put on his armer bekuz i waz nekid. then i jumpd. meggey waz to skard to jump with me. i was skard to but i cooden keep goen that way. betir to die. but i did not die. i dont no ezatly wat hapind i fell toard a bilden so far beelo and i think i skreemd and pushd my hands forwrd and there was a feelg insid me lik i dont no how to deskrib it but i slowd way down and diden die. i landid on the ruf of a bilden and went into the bilden and ther wer peepl ther and i was afrayd and was goen to run but they saw me and it was to lat but then they wer nise and diden put me bak in chaeenz and i fel asleep i ges bekaz i jus wok up and im in this bed that is sawftr then anythng i evr slep in beefor. i don no wat to do now but i fownd this dayta pad so i desidid to rite down wat hapend.

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