Mina was preoccupied sorting herbs when there was a pounding on the treehouse door.

“MINA. Idiot delivery! Come take care of it, please.”

“…Jamethera?” The druid put aside the herbs and walked over to the door. The huntress was already gone, however, leaving only a trussed up Jander at their doorstep.  “…oh.” Quite unconcerned, Mina leaned down closer. “Jander love, have you not learned? When she says she will tie you up if you do not do something, she means it. I could have told you that from personal experience.”

At some point Jamethera must have also tired of his protestations, because she’d effectively gagged him as well. It wasn’t rough treatment, however–the leather ties were soft and every knot had been made with care. The mage was about as comfortable as one could be, for being tied up.


“Is that so? I will assume you were over working yourself again. What have I told you? Worse than being tied up is me sitting on you in bear shape. That will be next if you do not stop. Come on, let us get you inside.”

Most people might have untied him–not Mina. She dragged him inside with some care but little concern, and managed to get him up onto their couch, despite his being anything BUT helpful in the matter. “I think I will keep you this way for a bit,” she said, laughing at his despairing expression. “What? If you will not rest on your own, love, we will make you. Perhaps someday then you will learn.”  Her tone was lightly playful, even as she got nothing but a lot of serious grump!face in return.


“No. Although I admit, the ideas that are now occurring to me are more ‘distraction’ and less ‘rest’…” She let herself smirk as the words sunk in and Jander’s expression became more conflicted.

“…but first, I am going to put these herbs away.” And she turned away and began packing up her work, in no great hurry.

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