Interrogation report


Subject: Featherlance ‘Silvergear’


Date: April 8th


Synopsis of findings:

  1. Attempts to track down any of the prisoner’s family relations proved unsuccessful.       The family name ‘Featherlance’ is extremely common.
  2. Investigations into the reputation of the ‘Silvergear’ identity has confirmed many of the prisoner’s claims. Silvergear is a class ‘A’ assassin valued at 40,000 gold per kill, Silvergear has a 100% success rate (not counting attacks against Templars), Silvergear has zero (0) recorded cases of targeting children or pregnant women.
  3. Using Black market contacts, agents we’re able to discover three (3) of five (5) contact boards Silvergear uses most frequently.
  4. Target claims to have taken Templar assignation missions as part of a plan to infiltrate Balance Keepers (Highborne racial supremacist group)
  5. Prisoner SEEMS willing to work with Templars.



  1. Monitor Blackmarket contacts and contact sites, attempt to discover whom is posting notices for Sage targeting jobs.
  2. Investigate possible Balance Keepers activity
  3. Stage false assassination successes of all current targets and Zen Fateshifter in attempts to aid Silvergear’s integration with Balance Keepers
  4. Prepare for possible if not likely Slivergear double cross, surreptitious use of advanced monitoring technology HIGHLY recommended.
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