It was a chilly November morning when I got out of my pick-up coffee in hand and looked up to see a dwarf (Tolkien not Dinklage) in Scottish formal wear banging on the door of Jack & Jill’s. I kid you not… black tunic, red sash with gold trim and a plaid kilt wrapped around a four-foot tall man with a two-foot long beard. “Jack! Jack the Wizard can ye hear me?! I’m in dire need of yer help!” He called as he pounded on the door. Naturally I had the same sort of reaction you might. ‘What the heck did they put in my coffee?’ I gave it a sniff then took another sip, nope tasted like normal. Plus I’ve been drugged before I remember things being more wavey and out of focus. ‘No’, I thought ‘This is real’. Which meant I was probably in for a long day.

A key part of being a wizard is the ability to present yourself in an awe inspiring manner. Tolkien said ‘subtle and quick to anger’, which for your Gandalf types is fine. For me I tended to start big and imposing then either pull it back or go all out depending upon the reactions I got. I slowly walked up behind the dwarf stepping carefully to mask the sounds of my footfalls on the pavement. A quick glance around revealed no one else present (well anyone that I could hope to sense anyway). I tugged on the pull strings of the right sleeve of my dark gray duster pulling it up revealing my Etherium armband..

Etherium is the energy that is everywhere though not in very high concentrations on Earth (A.K.A. The real world where you and I live). Also known as mana, chi, the force, spirit, psy-energy, etc. It’s the fuel for magic and the paranormal. Since it’s in short supply on our world human practitioners need a means of gathering and storing it. In my case I had a simple leather armband, upon which had I inscribed various runes discovered through painstaking research. Honestly it looked like the work of a first time fantasy cosplayer, but it worked and that’s what I cared about.

I drew a small portion of Etherium from my armband which, caused my skin to tingle and hairs to stand on end as something akin to a bolt of static electricity raced down my wrist and pooled into my palm. In a whisper I uttered ‘Figmintas thunderus’ and snapped my fingers causing the sound of thunder to ring out and echo into the distance. The dwarf jumped suddenly and then turned to face me. Standing at full height with my chin held high I stared down at him and in my best intimidating wizardly voice asked. “Whom seeks Jack the Wizard?” I probably would have looked really cool if I hadn’t still been holding the coffee or had resisted the urge to take a sip after speaking. Also it probably should have been ‘who’ and ‘whom’, but ‘whom’ seemed more epic.

The dwarf looked me up and down. “Aye, tall and thin, square of face, gray eyes, duster jacket and one of ‘em ‘cowboy hats’. Ye’re just as ye sister described ya, lad.” He knew Jill? Had he seen her recently? At the time I hadn’t heard from her in weeks. “Oh forgive me wizard ye asked me a question and I’ve yet to answer. I am Nokon of the Hammerfury clan, first son of…” and I think he named his parents and then grandparents or something I stopped listening because… well come on, ‘Nokon Hammerfury’ that’s a cool freaking name, and really the only one I needed to know for the moment anyway. ‘Nokon Hammerfury’, I am totally naming a my next D&D character that. He should be like a Paladin or a Fighter. The dwarf continued, “Oh! There was something Jill told me to say to ye, um what was it.” He looked at the ground for a moment and scratched his chin (or at least his beard) ponderously. “Ah! ‘Never try ta use a unicorn as a coat rack’!”

I let out a small sigh of relief and relaxed. Nokon was on the level. There was no way he could have known about that little inside joke unless Jill had told it to him. You have to understand if people find out your a wizard all sort of weirdos, government agents, and weirdo government agents tend to start showing up. My sister and I needed to be careful. On more than one occasion we’ve had to move from one state to another in the middle of the night and assume new identities. I took another more detailed look around. “Were you followed?” Again I saw nothing suspicious. The greater Washington University area of Seattle tended to be fairly quiet when classes were out of session.

“Nae, lad. I’m aware things from my world ain’t common on yours, and that there is a group the um… Dewpa? That would hunt me down and take me away if they found me. I layed low, made sure to avoid being seen by anyone.”

“The DPA. ” I corrected. “It means Department of Paranormal Affairs.” Yes, the US government and probably those of most other countries were aware of the supernatural, and they do whatever they can to sweep anything that doesn’t fit in their version of reality underneath the rug. Which would include myself and Jill. I stepped forward and opened the door. “Come on in Nokon. I believe we have much to discuss.” He nodded and offered a quick ‘thank ye’ as he stepped though. I took one last good look around as I stepped in and locked the door behind me.

“Aye, what sort of place is this then?” Nokon gave a wide eyed stare across Jack & Jill’s. “Ye got a bar over yonder, a dining area by the that stage, a deck overlookin’ everythin’ with more rooms upstairs. Is this some kind of tavern or inn?”

“Well you’re close. My sister had a World of Warcraft fantasy tavern aesthetic in mind when she designed this place. However, getting a liquor license was more trouble than it was worth. So, not a ‘tavern’ per say. Basically this is a nerd hang out type place. We sell fruit smoothies, milkshakes, sodas, and snacks at the counter. Have the occasional live music performance on that stage and those rooms upstairs are actually game rooms for D&D and the like.” I reached across the polished dark wood counter and pulled a bottle of water from the mini-fridge.

“Um ya lost me a ‘World of Warcraft’ lad.” He dusted off a barstool and nimbly climbed on top in what I could only assume to be a well practiced manner. He frowned a little as he cleared a swath of dust form the countertop. “Could use a bit tidying up ‘round here. No offense.”

“We’ve been closed for awhile. If I had known I’d have company today I would have tidied up.” I offered him the water bottle. “Speaking of which, how did you find me?”

He accepted the water and gave it a confused look. I mimed a twisting motion to explain how to open it. “I knew of this place from your sister. She told me how ta find ya.” He finally managed to get the bottle cap off with satisfied ‘Ah ha’ and proceeded to glup the contents down. “Thank ye wizard I was dyin’ of thirst. Ya realize how big this damned city is? Especially when you have wee legs as I do? Took me hours ta get here.”

I got him another bottle of water. Jill had sent him, must have been for something important. “Why did you seek me out?” I took my own seat positioning myself so he was between me and the door, that way I could keep an eye on both. It’s one of those little habits you learn.

“Well ta make a long story short I need ye ta help me get back through a Slipgate. Ya see a fella is tryin’ ta steal me sweet Riala! Today is the day of our weddin’ and that bastard Flucra hired a tawdry raven haired lass and sum goons ta drag me through the Slip and toss me into this world. Now I can’t get back without the help of a Traveler, and if I don’t get back before the appointed hour that Flucra is gonna take my Riala’s hand for ‘is own!”

The ‘Slipgate’ he mentioned is a portal to the spaces between spaces or ‘The Slip’. ‘Travelers’ are those with the ability to perceive Slipgates and thus allow entrance into them. I’ll explain this in more detail when we get to that part.

“Wait hold on.” I leaned forward curiously. “It sounds like you’re saying this ‘Flucra’ guy is just going to show up to your wedding and declare himself the new groom.”

He gave me a confused look then tapped his forehead in a ‘ya duh’ manner. “Aye human ways are different and you’re not familiar with the ways of me kin. But essentially ye got it. Oh the very thought of my sweet Riala subject to the vile whims of the warmongerin’ madman.” He snarled as spoke that last part.

“Well, wait doesn’t she get a say? Can’t Riala just say ‘No’ instead of ‘I do’?” I assumed there was still an ‘I do’ part involved. That’s a thing for most weddings, right? I wouldn’t know I’ve never been to one.

“Aye… but there are those in her family they say she should marry ‘im. Not for love mind ya just bloody politics.”

“I hate politics,” I muttered. Not a fan of most politicians or government agencies ether for that matter. Of course the feeling is likely mutual as I have stolen from quite a few of them..

The dwarf nodded and continued, “She could say ‘no’ all she likes, it is her right as the bride on her day, but if I ain’t there she may not have a choice fer long. No tellin’ what depths Flucra will sink to.” He shook his head angrily as he spat out Flucra’s name. “Which is why I need yer help. So can ya help me wizard!? I’ll, I’ll pay any price ye ask! I’ll … I’ll get on me knees and beg if I have to.” He brought his hands together in a pleading gesture and his eyes grew wide and deep with desperation.

I shook my head and rested my hand gently upon his shoulder to calm him. “You don’t need to do any of that, my friend. As it happens you might be inasmuch of a position to help me as I am you.”

“Aye?” He cocked his head to the side in confusion and dropped his hands.

“You’ve clearly meet my sister. When and where did you last see her?” I tried to keep a calm and even tone, though my heart was racing.

He shrugged as he thought. “Aye um… weren’t but five days ago reckon in ah.. Bridenburg! Um on me world that is, on ‘Aegrania’. I was passin’ through as part of traders caravan, she and I got to talkin’ in a tavern. I think she was a few drinks in before I got there, because she rosy cheeked and gabbin’ away to anyone that would listen. That’s when she happened to mention how ta find ya.”

I leaned heavily on the counter, closed my eyes and let out a long slow breath. “Sooo… my sister disappeared about three weeks ago. I came back from a long job to a note reading ‘Need to help a friend, contact you as soon as I can’. I’ve heard NOTHING for those three weeks and now you’re telling me you came across her in a tavern getting shitfaced five days ago?” I tried to keep a calm and neutral tone, but anger must have seeped through.

Those in the know about the supernatural have heard terrifying stories about pissed off wizards, you know turning people into newts or to stone that sort of thing. I generally try to keep control of my temper because of it, don’t want to cause anyone undo stress.

Nokon shrank away from me like a terrified child, caught in the act of reaching into the cookie jar. “I… I…” He stammered. “I’m sorry Jack, I realize you think me a liar or tryin’ to besmirch your sister’s good name, but I swear upon all the Hammerfurys there ever were or ever will be I have told ye the honest truth, sir!”

I held up my hand to silence Nokon then raised my head to look at him. I tried to put on a friendly smile but judging how the color disappeared from his face it probably looked more like I was planning on biting him. “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at her. I’ve been worried sick thinking the DPA got her and it turns out she just in another dimension-” Keep in mind my voice was growing steadily louder and by the end I was shouting loud enough the walls might have rattled. “-getting drunk and tellING EVERY FREAKING PERSON SHE MEETS WHO I AM AND WHERE TO FIND ME! DESPITE THE FACT SHE KNOWS SECRECY IS THE LITERALLY THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS US SAFE!” I could feel my cheeks burning with fury and I was sucking in air through clenched teeth.

Nokon leaned back so far he nearly fell from his barstool and had to grab on to the counter to steady himself. “Um well I think she only really told me, on accountin’ of me bringin’ up the subject of family. Or… somethin’ like that. I’m a bit hazy on the details now that I think back.” He said that or something to the effect I wasn’t really listening at the moment.

I took a few moments to calm down. In hindsight telling Nokon or anyone from another world about our status as wizards wasn’t so bad. After all it’s not like someone like Nokon would or even could contact the DPA. “I apologize for my outburst.” I finally managed to speak calmly. “I’ll sort out whatever is going on with Jill later. In the meantime we have to get you back to your world and deal with the man trying to steal your girl.”

My dwarven friend nodded emphatically, either eager for my help or eager to focus my attention on a less infuriating topic. “And soon lad, if I’m readin’ that clock right. I’ve only got but an hour and one half till the appointed time.” He gestured to the digital wall clock which displayed 10:30.

“We’ve got till noon then. Alright we need to …” I paused for a moment as I got a sinking feeling in my gut. “Nokon how is it you know how to read that clock? You’re not from around here.”

“Oh I’m a tradesman ya see. I work mostly in exotic magical goods… reagents, weapons, equipment, potions that sort of thing. I’ve traveled through the Slip to other worlds before. In fact I trade with other wizards from your world on a regular basis, that’s why I learned English. I always say ya can’t really trade with someone unless ya can understand ‘em.”

“Oh.” The sinking feeling went away. That was actually a perfectly logical explanation, and he had mentioned traveling with a trade caravan a moment ago. “Okay, so why do you have the stereotypical dwarf scottish accent then?”

He gave me a raised eye. “Do I?” He shrugged. “I don’t rightly know, but from my perspective maybe all yer scottish folks sound like dwarves.” He had a point there, I guess it’s a bit of a ‘which came first chicken or the egg’ type thing.

I realized we were wasting time. “Right sorry, got side tracked there. Okay you’ve traveled the Slip before. Does that mean if I got you back into it, you could find your way home?”

“I reckon so, in fact I have somethin’ ta help us in that regard.” He pulled out a locket necklace from the depths of his beard. “But I ain’t eager ta use the Slipgate I came through ta get here. I popped out in a damned graveyard!”

“Calvary Cemetery?” I inquired, reasoning it was the closests graveyard. I had been getting some disturbing reports from there, I made a mental note to check it out after I got this current predicament sorted.

“Ay, maybe? I think that’s what the sign said, I didn’t stick around ta find out. If there’s one lesson me ole pa rest his soul ever taught me is naever go near a Slipgate in any graveyards. Plenty o’ nasty things you can run into in the Slip already, goin’ into a graveyard on top of that is just askin’ fer trouble!” He was right. There were reasons to avoid graveyards, especially for the supernaturally attuned. There were reasons WHY people instinctively built walls around them, but I’ll save that story for another time.

“Well you’re in luck then.” I stood and motioned for him to follow. “There’s Slipgate in the basement of Jack & Jill’s its why we choose to set up here.” Etherium leaks into our world through Slipgates, so often human practitioners will seek to live near one so they have a sufficient supply to be able to practice their arts.

I lead Nokon to a utility room behind the stage. Inside I opened a hidden wall panel and typed in my code on the concealed keypad causing the wall next to the breaker box to slide open.

“Fancy.” Nokon commented as he stepped through and descended the stairs that lay within the hidden passage.

“Thanks, it cost a small fortune, but worth it to have a safe place to practice magic (and do a few other things) without the risk of drawing attention.” I hit the button to close the passage behind me and followed Nokon down.

The dwarf gasped as he saw the basement. “Oy! Now THIS is a wizard’s sanctum!” The basement of Jack & Jill’s was a sort of mix between the Batcave, and the Sanctum Sanctorum (Dr. Strange’s place from the movie. Anyone else think Cumberbatch was great in that?) The stairs lead down into the ‘trophy lobby’ as my sister was fond of calling it. Like I said before ‘inspire a sense of awe’ so we keep all the trophies, relics, and other odds and ends worth displaying in the room everyone sees first.

Nokon approached one of the standing display cases. “A spear of Kulzalon?” He asked with astonishment.

“A ceremonial replica actually. Awarded to us by the High Priestess herself. See her daughter was kidnapped by werewolf pirates whom were planning on selling her to vampire ninja clan. Jill and I got her back by winning her in a poker game… which then turned into a gunfight.”

Nokon gave me a dubious look. “Ya won a gunfight versus wolf pirates and bloodsucker ninjas?”

I smirked a little. “Well they have a common weakness ‘silver bullets’.” Pretty much everything supernatural or paranormal has weakness to silver, wizards included.

The dwarf eagerly jogged over to another display like an excited child at museum. “Is that a real dragon’s tooth?”

I nodded. “Indeed, there was a drake nesting in London’s underground.”

“How did ya slay it, lad?”

“We hit it with a subway train. I hacked into the central controls, disabled all the safeties so it was going way beyond the normal top speed, um naturally I got one without passengers … and I lost you at ‘subway’ didn’t I?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Nokon shook his head. “Nae I saw a subway on the way here in fact!”

“Really? Seattle doesn’t really have much of a subway system.” I muttered.

“Aye, I saw folks comin’ out of the subway, they had these great big sandwiches at least a foot long! But how in blazes did ya throw a buildin’ at a dragon?!” He asked with astonishment.

“Sandwiches?” I realized the confusion and began laughing aloud drawing a confused glance from Nokon. “Nevermind.” I explained between chuckles. “I’ve confused you a little I’ll explain later. We need to get moving. I’ll give ya the quick tour of the rest of the place.” I lead him through the main door and named off areas as we passed them.“That’s the computer lab and living room. Through there is the alchemy lab and the indoor greenhouse…”

Nokon stuck his head through the door to take a look. “Aye Athelas, Wolfsbane, Gillyweed, Mortiusroot, and few others. How do you get them ta grow in a low Etherium environment?”

“We ran an isolated water line through the Slipgate room and back so it becomes Etherium charged. My sister’s idea.”

He nodded approvingly. “Clever. She did mention a passion for herbology during our talk.”

“This the armory. Give me a minute here.” I stepped in and picked up a few choice items. There’s gear I like to have when I travel (especially to other worlds) that isn’t exactly legal in Seattle. Flashbangs, a few grenades (pepper, smoke, incendiary, and the good old explody kind), smoke pellets, a few more spare magazines for my custom 44’ including the special sliver monster killers, healing potions, medkit, and a switchblade drone. I’ll explain what that is later. Needless to say there is rarely an empty pocket in my duster.

Nokon gave me a confused look. “What do ya need all that fer if yar a wizard?”

“Well everyone expects a wizard to wield magic, very rarely do they expect them to throw an explosive.”

The dwarf thought that over then nodded. “Aye, I suppose you’re right on that point.”

We continued, “There’s the shooting range and training room.” I gestured to the rooms as we walked past. “There’s a kitchen, a few bedrooms, and here all the way back, way away from everything else we have the Slipgate room.” I lead him to the very back corner of the basement to a passage sealed off by a metal iris door. (Think Stargate SG-1 that’s where Fix and I got the idea from.)

Nokon knocked against the metal iris. “Steel?” He guessed.

“Yup half inch thick floor, walls and ceiling. Cost quite a bit, but I got a good deal, I know a guy.”

“Bloody ‘ell, Jack!” He gave a look of disbelief with both of eyebrows held up high. “Ain’t that a wee bit overkill?”

“Well… there’s a story, but let’s discuss as we’re Slipping.” ‘Slipping’ is a colloquial term for traveling through the Slip, I suppose I didn’t really need to explain that one. I opened the shuttered window next to the iris and took a quick look inside in the sealed off room. “Its clear.” I announced then pressed the big red button causing the iris to ‘shhhhink’ open. Now this next part is a bit confusing so bear with me. When Nokon looked through the open iris all he saw was the gray steel wall on the other side. Where as I saw a connecting hallway made of rainbow crystal leading off into the distance. I placed my hand on Nokon’s shoulder allowing our magical auras to interact and he jerked back in surprise as the passage suddenly existed where it had not before.

“I naever get used to that. One second nothing then poof thar it be.” The dwarf commented and we stepped through the iris, and into the Slipgate.

“Yeah I’ve always wonder what would have if I let go of someone halfway into a Slipgate? Would they get cut in half?”

Nokon suddenly clamped down on my arm with both hands with mixture of annoyance and fright asked. “Did ya haf ta bring that notion up right now, lad?”

“Sorry, sorry.” I winced but also chuckled a little. “Just an idle thought. Here we’re past the Slipgate now.”

Travelers are only needed to travel through a Slipgate into the Slip. Once you’re in you can make your way through the Slip and out of a Slipgate just fine… well as ‘fine’ as traveling through a non-euclidean space between spaces with the possibility of running to who knows what, can be ‘fine’.

My dwarven friend released my arm and let out a sigh of relief. “Okay, we just need ta get to my world.”

”You mentioned you had something for that?” I inquired as the iris behind us closed and I double checked my locator beacon. Wanted to be sure it was working otherwise I might never find my way home. *Chuckle* ya know back when Jill and I first started Slipping we used really long bundles of string. It actually worked pretty well, but the locator beacon is preferable.

“Aye lad.” Nokon took the locket from his neck and opened it revealing a sketch of a dwarven woman I assumed to be Riala. He then turned it ninety degrees and opened again the same way, and then repeated the process of turning ninety degrees and clicking it open again, then did so again, and again until he opened a full sixtyfour eight by eight grid of lockets except now the space within them was the inside of a bag. He then reached into the bag space that shouldn’t exist.

“Wow.” I uttered in astonished manner. “I’ve heard of pocket dimensions but first time I’ve seen one used.”

“Aye, good for keeping important things safe.” Having retrieved whatever he needed Nokon held the expanded locket matrix by the chain and whispered something in dwarvish that caused it to fold itself closed over and over again until it returned to the state when it was first opened. “Gotta watch your fingers during that bit. Ya know, I sell these ‘Pocket Lockets’ if yer interested.”

“How well do they work on low Etherium worlds?”

“Ya know I’ve naever tested.” The dwarf frowned thoughtfully.

I shrugged. “We can figure it out later. What is that?” I gestured to the golf ball sized orb his hand.

“Ah now this is me most prized possession. This lad is a ‘Slip Compass’!” He opened his hand and words of three dimensional light sprang forth from the orb and formed a ring around it like the planet Saturn. I couldn’t read the language in fact it was unlike any I had ever seen. “Let’s see here.” Nokon spun the orb in his hands causing the words to rotate till he found the desired one and taped it with a finger. The glowing letters changed from yellow to green and arrow manifested above the globe and pointed to our left.

Wow, and I thought the magic locket was cool. “Is the writing different locations?” I asked as we started walking.

“Aye I assume so. Can’t find anyone that can bloody well read this ancient script. I had to memorize which runes went with which worlds, through trial and error.”

We walked taking the next three lefts which should have lead us right back to where we started, but instead took us to a large open area which connected many passages, a Slip Nexus.

Have you ever seen the M.C. Escher painting ‘Relativity’? You know the one where its bunch of people and stairs but there’s no distinctions between floor, wall or ceiling? In particular there’s one part where two figures are walking on the same staircase but they’re at a ninety degree angle to each other. Well picture that except every surface is made of flickering rainbow colored crystal like the Bifrost from the Thor movies. Actually one of the leading theories is the Slip might be the real Bifrost, but until someone actually finds Asgard I’m not convinced.

We followed the compass up a set of stairs then had to shift surfaces to reach a sideways door on the wall in front of us. Gravity in the Slip is basically ‘down’ on any surface you’re touching. So walking on a wall is as easy as putting one foot on said wall then lift the other one off the ‘ground’.

“So why the steel room around your Slipgate, lad?” Nokon inquired as we walked down as staircase with a 360 degree twist in the middle.

“Hmm? Oh yes I nearly forgot about that. Well I came home one day and Jill meet me at the door with a panicked expression on her face.

She told me‘A woman came running out of our Slipgate screaming “Ayuda gigante tentáculo!” and now there’s something banging around in the basement!’

I laughed it off assuming it was some kind of joke and replied. ‘I’m guessing “tentáculo” is tentacle. Was he purple or green? Green is actually nice guy, purple is a bit of an asshat and will get worse if he eats any radioactive waste and grows those little arms.’” Nokon gave me a very confused look. “The green and purple tentacles are a reference to a old video game, nevermind.

Jill shook her head and told me ‘It was more of a black with shades of utter madness. I didn’t want to look at it for too long because it gave me one those attempting to comprehend something that should not be able to exist in our world Lovecraftian type headaches.’”

Nokon looked up… or down at me? By this point our path took us down one way up wall and back the way we came on the ceiling. He had gotten a bit ahead of me. “You’re shatting me lad.” He declared with disbelief and a hint of fear.

I shook my head as I reached up towards the ceiling then jumped. The moment my fingers touched it gravity reversed and I was now doing a handstand. I managed to drop back onto my feet somewhat gracefully. “It was at that moment Jill turned and gestured to a woman seated at the counter, same barstool you were sitting on earlier in fact. I saw ‘Carlita’ there trying to drink a glass of water but her hands were trembling so badly she literally couldn’t bring it up to her lips.” At this point Nokon came to a full stop and turned to stare at me with his mouth hanging open. I continued the story, “We eventually got poor Carlita to calm down and with Google translate we managed to communicate well enough to figure out a way of getting her home. Come to think of Carlita was the first other magic user Jill and I ever meet, she actually helped us out a lot by putting us in touch with the global occult community.”

“Wait wait!” Nokon interrupted. “What did ye do about the bloody tentacle?” He demanded.

“Oh we sealed off that part of the basement and put up the best wards we could and just tried to ignore the banging. A few hours after it finally stopped, I carefully peaked in and thankfully El tentáculo was gone. After that we called my engineer buddy Fix to build that re-enforced room around the portal. Haven’t had anything that weird happen since.” I walked past Nokon he shook himself out of his stupor and resumed the journey.

“But, but where did it come from?” He asked in astonishment.

“It took a long time before Carlita was up to talking about it. All we really got out of her was, she took a wrong turn in the Slip a came face to … well ‘iris’ with green and yellow eyeball that was three times taller than she was. It was staring in through a Slipgate, from somewhere I hope I never have the misfortune of finding. Naturally she started running and El tentáculo started chasing… er reaching after her.” I shrugged. “So hopefully you understand why I didn’t tell you the story before we started Slipping. I didn’t think I’d be able to coax you into—” I turned to look to my friend and didn’t see him. “Nokon!?”

“What are ya laggin’ behind fer, Jack?” He called out as he ran as fast his ‘wee legs’ could carry him. I sighed and jogged after him to catch up. At the very least my story helped us make good time.

More coming soon…

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