“Be careful, Jam.”

Jamethera rolled her eyes at her wife’s fussing. “Look, Illy. I’m just going to be standing here, okay? And Mina did an excellent job healing my ribs–it’s not her fault you hug like a maniac.  Seriously, you are more dangerous to me than a bit of scouting right now.”

The huntress crouched near the edge of the…pit, for lack of a better term, that held Felsoul Hold. Illyana and Rajisa had stubbornly insisted on coming with her, despite the fact that the pair of them were as sneaky as a bolder rolling down a mountain.

She lifted a gloved fist, sending a brightly colored bird aloft. “Hup, Narci! Let me see what you see.” She only winced a little.

Alright, so maybe Jamethera was being a bit hasty, heading out so soon after the fight to bring back Cael. But, well, time was her enemy. It was probably a fruitless endeavor to even look, and yet…

“Well, what do you see?”

“You’re going to see the flat of my hand meeting your face if you keep bothering me right now,” Jamethera said, lovingly.

It took a moment to link up with the bird, and another moment for her vision to cease doubling. Narci dutifully swept back and forth across where Ambrosine had reported fighting, to the best of her recollection. Signs of the fighting still remained–demons weren’t exactly invested in sweeping away tracks and tidying up blood, apparently. The corpses were gone, though.

What would they have done with a crippled yet probably still feisty dreadsteed, anyway?

“How is Ambrosine taking it?” This question, soft and hesitant, from Raji.

Jamethera could have short patience with Rajisa even when not in the middle of seeing through a bird’s eyeballs. “Our girl who grew up on a horse farm just lost her equine companion of over a decade. On top of that, it wasn’t a clean end, and she’s probably having flash backs. She’s doing just peachy, I’m sure.” And then, because Jamethera was sometimes a cruel, vicious woman, “I sent her home to Jaffar. He’s the only one who can make her feel better, at this point.”

The paladin flinched and fell silent.

“Jamethera,” Illy said, but the huntress heard the lack of teeth behind the warning.

Rajisa may be technically forgiven, even by Ambrosine herself, but that’s not to say that any of them forgot.

“Well, that’s odd,” Jamethera said, cocking her head in an echo of Narci’s own movement, aloft. “I think I found where Ambro made her stand. And I can kind of see where maybe his body might have been dragged off, but it seems to lead out, not in? What do demons even do with corpses anyway I don’t–shit!”

Jamethera jerked and was only saved from falling over by Illy’s quick reflexes. The warrior frowned. “What was that?”

“Oh, just a felcannon almost taking out my damned bird.”

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah, just spooked.” Jam raised her arm again and winced when Narci dove onto it with unexpected force. “Easy there, missy!” The bird hopped up to the hunter’s shoulder and cuddled into her neck. A singed feather drifted slowly to the ground. “Well, that’s all we’re getting, I think. I hate to come back with bad news for Ambro, but I can’t even hazard a guess as to what happened to poor Justice. And Elune only knows what happened to her runeblades.”

Illyana hefted her shield. “Ready to head back?”

“I guess.” Jamethera glanced back down into Felsoul Hold. And then because she sometimes felt bad about being a bitch, she clapped Raji on the shoulder. “Come on, sister. We can’t do anything about Justice–but we can maybe do something about her swords, yeah?”

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