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Originally written Nov. 12, 2009.

The chase is over yet again, the Marksman has turned himself in.

His injuries were hardly changed from the last skirmish between him and Templars. It seems that he has run out of resources, and lost his drive.

He was permitted one night of rest with his children, and has accepted all the conditions of his internment. Tomorrow morning, once his injuries are properly dressed, he will be moved to Theramore. His children will remain on Teldrassil, where they are most safe.

It pains me to think that the trap I set worked, and that I waited for a father's love for his children to reawaken his sanity. Perhaps I can one day be forgiven for using this love as a tactical advantage.

My trespasses continue – I cannot trust Kanta Wildsabre to not run again the moment he sees the opportunity. His injuries will remain unhealed for now, and watched over by strictly medical means. This is hardly an honorable way to treat a prisoner, but it is yet another tactic I must use until his sentence is carried out.

At least for now, as the Marksman sleeps with his children nearby, I can also have some peace of mind. We can now devote all our resources to finding the puppetmaster, and not chase after a man consumed by grief, or perhaps manipulated against his will.

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