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Originally written Nov. 7, 2010.

A brief time for repose this night, if formal attire can be considered so. Three hours were spent celebrating the third year of the Templars of the Rose, but the celebration was marked with an elemental attack at its beginning, and another at its end. Three cultists paid visit as well, one in secret, the other two announcing themselves at the Theramore gate. Their arrival followed my meeting with Captain Orion Drisk, in which he asked whether the cult had stretched far enough to Theramore. My answer was initially no, and now I pen him my revision by correspondence tonight.


The cult's intervention was an apt reminder of what lies ahead. Three expeditions are planned in the coming weeks, and I find myself reviewing what war machine the Templars still has at its disposal. Months ago, we were repairing a ship, armor and weapons with non-existent gold supply, but now times see us with shield, weapon and a gold surplus. The tournament, and the Templars returning to peacetime professions is much in thanks to it. Two years of war ran us ragged and thin.


However, in its three years, the Templars have fought wars with demons and undead far more than a live war. We have not had to consider the children and families left by the death of our enemy, whether to capture and quarter prisoners. The undead have nothing, demons have nothing. It was a harsh lesson of the Second War to intern the orcs within camps where their spirits and the Alliance's honor bled, and it is something that some seem to forget, or regard with only passing thought.


I have lived enough years that there are soldiers behind me who were only taught the art of war with the Third, and Northrend. They do not think of the death of children, burning of villages. What will these young soldiers do when they realize that their sword strokes do not paint the land with gold and glory, but simply blood? I do not yearn for the Second War days, nor do I trumpet a Fourth War in days to come. Our attention should remain on the reason for these earthquakes, it affects us all.


I rant, and that is rare. This night was lead by too many rarities. These last three years within the Templars have been blessed, but I will wait to truly celebrate until the year to come finishes. Perhaps then, the young soldiers will be veterans, and cries for war will not be so simple and easy.


For the Rose, Light's blessing. I remain at my post.

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