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Originally written April 1, 2010.

We combated Scourge, and the Knights of the Order cult. We fought back hordes of the Burning Legion, and drove away cult radicals from burning homes. We have dedicated life, spell and sword to the survival of Azerothian peoples, and an end to each war that sends soldiers to foreign lands. It is difficult to think clearly at this moment. Under my watch, under my leadership, a Templar fell to the petty criminals of Stormwind.


I was not responsible. No – yes, yes, I was. I was not there, but gathered everything, anything possible. Stabbed by a guard – we knew something was wrong within the Stormwind Guard ranks, but we did not suspect that it would end in death.


Templar Khazoth does not wish to be revived. There is no second chance or coming for him. Throdin is beside himself at Khazoth's death, he feels partly responsible. I have never seen Throdin so doubtful of himself since I came to know him, he carries Khazoth's death like a heavy weight.


I recall a conversation I once held with Khazoth. He often carried a mithril watch with him, and would pause to look at it on occasion. When he did, he would refer to it as "Moira," which I only know it as the name of his late wife. I never asked him the significance of that watch, or why he would look at it whenever he felt doubtful. He said to me once that he had little to live for, that the war with the Scourge sparked little interest in him, the Burning Legion was not his foe, and the Knights only targeted the comrades he held close and dear. He took particular offense to anything associated with the Northfold family, and took it as a personal cause to disrupt and expose them.


I knew that something was wrong, that the Guard was not acting properly, that something about the politics and laws made this war terrain impossible to trek. I hold little regard for such politics, there has been enough evidence by all logical accounts to toss as many Northfold associates as possible into the stockades. Yet any arrested member is released quickly, and set loose on the streets.


No – we have finally broken ground with the Guard. I wish to see the guard responsible for Templar Khazoth's death brought to justice. There was little reason for such lethal force, Throdin himself was attacked for simply blocking a guard's path. There is something deeply wrong with what happened to Khazoth, something that sets both Templar as well as trustworthy guards on edge.


I look to the storming of the Northfold Manor for clear, concrete results. I will see those responsible for Khazoth's death brought to justice, not forgiven under the idiotic web of laws and conditions. Mere weeks ago, the Lich King was felled in Northrend, the victorious soldiers are returning to their homes. I do not want them to arrive in Stormwind under a corrupt Guard in a city it was charged to protect while its men and women were off to war.

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