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Originally written January 3, 2012.

The war continues in Dragonblight, but Wintergarde was filled with warm company and laughter through Winter's Veil. It is strange how a holiday can possess such a hold over hardened women and men, and yet I see its transformative powers every year.


Its passing was well-timed, just as the length of our stay in Dragonblight began setting in. The campaign was at first met with duty and bravado, the cold was manageable and the task at-hand was fresh. But with every campaign, we have now entered the stage when stakes are no less pressing, but our endurance has waned. It is essentially time to build a trench, and stubbornly nest ourselves within it – Northrend chill notwithstanding.


Another unexpected power of Winter's Veil was the Tranquility's Watch festival. I witnessed many within the crowd who were sworn enemies only within the last year. But with all transformative powers, I question whether it is a temporary glamor, or is here to stay.


My own Winter's Veil passed with cheer, among the first I can recall since Gilneas. Taldrus and I managed a few moments alone, which has become all-too-rare since we both deployed to Northrend. I found his gifts more than thoughtful – touching, even – and enjoyed his company. I have come to reflect on our time together, its start and end point is at times difficult for me to clearly recall. Was it that we began officially courting in May, or was that year he spent pursuing me when I began to welcome his company? I do not know. Regardless, his presence is welcomed when those moments arrive.


The holiday also brought one more mouth to feed in our faraway household: a kitten. Taldrus said the gift was from Twigget, a mutual friend. He named it Trouble, continuing the joke between us as our Theramore home continues to fill itself with felines. Trap now has a playmate, and Veralia oversees them both. She is a blessing to care for them both while Taldrus and I are off to war. Otherwise, I would refuse Taldrus the opportunity to keep them altogether.


Trap and Trouble – if we somehow manage to acquire another cat, I will name it Terror. Taldrus seems to enjoy my vexation every time he informs me of a new pet. Yes – I suppose that it is all just silly.


However, there is one note of quiet in the passing days: Mosur has disappeared often. It perhaps would have escaped my notice until Xodius called it to my attention. Now I question where Mosur leaves for hours at a time. He appeared worn last I see him, had Xodius not mentioned concern, I would have assumed he was worn from battle. What plagues this Templar, I wonder. It comes at a dangerous time.

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