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Originally written Jan. 11, 2010.

Lanria and Kalren have been successfully captured, and Harple sends word of a breakthrough with the satyr. I race to meet him in Theramore, and pray that his findings will finally set the end in motion.


I await a report on Lanria's mental state. From the tracks left in Darkshire, it seems that her newfound bloodlust drove her beyond reason. I cannot negotiate gentle terms for Lanria Geroux any longer – I fear that once these shards are destroyed, and these Knights driven back, that I must surrender her to the Stormwind Guard. Darkshire, however thinly so, is Stormwind jurisdiction. And the murder victims were not considered expendable, as they were before.


It is sickening to think that the Defias, however horrid they are as outlaws, are considered lesser human beings within the law. It was simpler to arrest and confine Lanria when her only crime was killing petty criminals.


No – I am a thoughtless fool. She slaughtered their children as well. That is what raised alarm of her fallen mental state.


My terms should have been far more strict, my affection for Lanria as a longterm comrade softened my judgement. I must remove myself from the rest of her sentencing.


No mage could be paid to produce a portal at this hour. One gave terms far too steep to be worth the pay. Perhaps it is all for the best – my letter will reach Harple no sooner than this vessel will dock in Theramore. With his own portal, the two of us will likely step into Theramore at the same moment. I must be patient.


Two days until I must reply to Ardrex Northfold, the strange gentlemen that offered financial support in return for nothing more than a Templar presence in Stormwind. Odd terms. I will not lie about the Templars growing need for arms and supplies, but something about his offer and terms makes me pause. I must dwell on this decision before it is made.


The boat captain calls for rough seas. I will see to it whether they require a healer tonight.

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