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Originally written Nov. 17, 2009.

Severince has returned. This is a twist that I did not anticipate. He taunted and threatened Templars over the guildstone, to which the Marksman foolishly replied. I had him moved from Theramore to a safer, unknown location in the late hours of last night, to remove temptation for Severince to corner such a vulnerable target. Kanta Wildsabre may not be a Templar, but I do not wish him harm or death. He dared Severince to come and find him… I did not hesitate to call the Marksman an idiot, fool.


The lich claims I have his phylactery, meaning his boastful actions months ago were either true, or he is merely continuing his lies. To what end of either of these efforts, I do not know. Severince's goals seemed to often be in the present moment. He enjoys a chase, and lingers when he finds his targets most vulnerable. Previous victims such as Lanria, and even Kalren Geroux, will have to be carefully watched now.


The timing could not be worse. The Marksman was once a valued ally in the tracking and takedown of Severince, but now he is a pawn for either the Templar or the lich side, pending on who holds him. Severince was never someone to take someone physically hostage, he always had other strategies planned. The Marksman is a shadow of the man he once was, he could be vulnerable to attacks of other varieties.


Again, I miss his previous resolve, and pray that his pending sentence will slowly return sanity to him.


I will travel to where the supposed phylactery was safely stored. I will not utter its location here. If the phylactery is truly what Severince claims it is, then the lich knows where it is hidden, and where I may be headed. I will have to choose a few Templars to accompany me, and avoid a possible trap alone.

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