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Originally written June 10, 2010.

It has been one week since the Templars, Tears and allied Alliance forces met in Northrend.


Our forces met at Venture Bay, as our tactician predicted. It is fortunate that the Tears drove northwest instead of east – had they traveled to a Horde port, the Templars' choice would have been to go against its creed and attack Horde outright, or lay down arms in defeat.


The stolen supplies from the Westgarde Keep, or what remain of them after battle, were returned safely. The return of these supplies to Alliance hands may calm some tempers, but I am certain that there are others still awaiting opportunity to declare full war.


Some Templars remain ill at-ease at the task of fighting a former ally, others are more eager to call for revenge. There are those who believe that the Tears are nothing more than traitors, eager to rekindle the old hatreds of the Second War.


I await word of Tear movements, and whether a battle of necessity will call again. Till then, the Templars must wait, and attempt to keep its more war hawk Alliance allies at bay.

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