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Originally written Oct. 20, 2009.

Kanta Wildsabre has been arrested by our own forces, and jailed in the Theramore barracks until his trial can be carried out. Finding a judge willing to prosecute a Kal'dorei for murdering a member of the Horde may prove difficult in these times, perhaps even impossible. In the meantime, the Marksman must remain contained. He is determined to break out, to whatever end this effort may be.


I am conflicted on how to treat him. Any prisoner must be treated civilly, but his mind is in places that I cannot guess. I attempted to reach him, to make him see that his actions do not help, but instead sever our possibilities to find Commander Althwyn. I do not think he understands, or his impulsive nature at least overrides whatever rational part of him may understand. I believe he will still break out of his prison at all costs, the moment he sees an opportunity.


The other Templars grow distant from him. He has committed murder. The other Templars have killed many times, I too have death on my hands, but these deaths are casualties of war. Kanohu's death was a casualty of misunderstanding. It must have been.


In two day's time, I will permit him to see his children. I question how the children will receive their father, seeing him jailed, and what the Marksman will attempt to tell them. The visit will be supervised, and I am reluctant to let it repeat after the first visit. No child should see their remaining parent in such a mental condition.

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