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Originally written November 10, 2011.

My recent writing is less my own personal thoughts, and more decrees and letters of correspondence for aid. The exchange of refugees by Forsaken General Logart Dragonbane has overtaken the bulk of Templar operations and my personal time, but many times I am reminded that it is for the ultimate comfort and safekeeping of such people that the Rose was founded, and I became knight.


For whatever intent the refugees were given, and whatever intent remains in those who dwell close by for the right moment for personal opportunity, there is a people on the cusp of a different life. That is the center of it all, those with other purposes will be ousted, by their own mistake or by the suspicions of others. It is disquieting to see the vultures circle, or ego rear itself instead of reining in its offended outbursts. I question whether it is my duty to let the vultures pick at one another, or urge them into a unified flock. I do not understand the full motivation that drives them, but I tire of the weight the bickering adds to our footsteps.


I myself have fallen into the pit of petty bickering. It is a terribly simple pit to cast oneself into, it rewards a base instinct to tear at the throat of one who offends. Its end result is more revealing and damaging to the wielder of the knife than the victim who is attacked. Perhaps from the memory of that old darkness, I can find the words to reach those still within that pit. Perhaps there is more than one people who are in need of healing in Hearthglen.


There may be.


I have spent enough time with personal thoughts, I return to my current task. In one week's time, many refugees will be moved. It has been some time now since I personally fought in the Firelands, my skill with a pen is more exercised of late than that with a sword. However, given the tasks that lie ahead, I will not mind keeping the sword at rest for now. For it to swing now is to rally those in the pit to swing their own.


It is both solemn and remarkable on how quick the switch to violence can be. It is both a strength, and weakness. To the task that lies in Hearthglen now, it is both a weakness, and fool's gambit. Let there be no fools.

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